Changing the game

About Us

The Club is here to change the game of golf. We’re bored of the old guard stuck in their ways, we’re proud to be disruptive and don’t mind having a laugh along the way!

A Brief History

We started out back in 2014 as a Twitter account that simply took the piss out of ridiculous golf clothes and made the odd one-liner, but have since evolved into one of the most engaged golfing brands in the world!

With an unrivalled social media in golf we look to do things a little differently to standard, boring golfing media by having fun but also by being creative and pushing boundaries and standing up for the people.

This could include relatable articles about everyday golfers, interviews with the top tour professionals, honest equipment reviews and news and insight into everything else to do with golf!




We think this resonates with our audience which happen to be a whole lot younger, and cooler, than your average golf magazine reader.
Although for us it's not all about age, it's about attitude, and having fun with this great passion we all have that is golf.
We are going to change the game and we want you to come along with us for the ride.


The Team


Ryan is the creative behind #GCW and co-founder of the #Club. Ryan genuinely wants to change the game of golf for the better making it a better experience and more enjoyable for the younger audience. He handles the content stuff you see.

From: Newquay

Golf Course: Newquay GC

Current Location: London, UK

Handicap: 12

Footy Team: Spurs


James, a golfer since 11 years old, big fan of playing, non-fan of watching basically coming along for the free golf. He handles most of the business stuff.

From: The Cotswolds, UK

Home Course: Cotswold Edge GC

Current Location: Greenwich, London, UK

Handicap: 2

Footy Team: Man Utd


Burton is a friend of Ryan's has become a mini podcast star with us. Absolutely terrible golfer and admittedly doesn't like it that match basically our pet monkey we're trying to train. His innocence is hilarious. Think Karl Pilkinton of Golf.

From: Newquay

Golf Course: White Hart Lane

Current Location: Tottenham, UK

Handicap: Roughly 58

Footy Team: Spurs