Srixon ZH45 Hybrid Review

Srixon ZH45 Hybrid Review
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The slick, all black finish makes the Srixon a looker. It’s a pretty simple design and that’s what we like. It sits very well at address which gave us a lot of confidence to knock it out the park. Srixon have got this spot on in our eyes. 



Boom. A high soaring ball flight on the 1 out of 10 we hit well. 98 shots later, when we both hit one out the middle, we decided that it went just as far as the Cobra. Out of the three clubs, we found this was also the straighter option, without compromising on distance. Bingo!


From the Rough

Out on the course this also didn’t disappoint. We put ourselves in some pretty tricky positions, intentionally of course, and we got out of them pretty well. Again the slim line face is a big contributing factor to this. Take note Cobra! Make it an iron, but bulkier, seems to be the consensus here.


- 2H – 16 degrees 

- 3H – 19 degrees 

- 4H – 22 degrees


Srixon have pulled it out the bag with this one (excuse the pun). A combination of looks, distance, consistency and value make this our winner. The only small criticism we have is that there are no adjustable settings with this one, but hey, adjusting the shaft angle isn’t going to help you stop shafting it!


4.5 golf balls

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