Taylor Made M1 Rescue Review

Taylor Made M1 Rescue.jpg


The Taylor Made M1 rescue certainly looks the part. If you were going to buy a club just based on looks, which believe us we’ve done that before, then this would be something to consider! The “tour inspired shape”, whatever that means, gives it a slightly more low profile look at address which only adds to the aesthetics.  We’d swipe right for this one based on pictures alone. Who needs to know the “specs” anyway? 



Pretty consistent with distance in comparison to the others we tested. It wasn’t the longest, but it was certainly up there with some of the bigger shots. What we did notice is that off centre shots were still forgiving, adding more distance to those duck hooks! 


From the Rough

Its slim line effect gives it a cutting edge, literally, through the rough. It seems to chop through it like a wedge and we still achieved solid distance and carry. It’s quite deep in the face too, giving it a bit more surface area, similar to an iron. 


- 2H – 17 degrees 

- 3H – 19 degrees 

- 4H – 21 degrees 

- 5H – 24 degrees

Adjustable weight technology for neutral or fade bias. (1-3g & 1-25g weights)


We really liked this. The only thing that puts us off, is its price tag. Although they’ve done a great job with performance and versatility, we feel there are other options which offer better value for money. That aside, very good. 


4 golf balls

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