Picking the top 10 coolest celeb golfers is almost impossible. Being cool is totally subjective so we expect a lot of stick for our list. We have picked based on stories we have heard whilst excluding footballers and anyone who regularly attends celebrity golf days. ENJOY...


Barack Obama Golf.jpg

Politicians are very rarely cool. But whether you agree with his politics or not Obama does have a certain swagger. The most powerful man in the world is a lefty and by all accounts is pretty average, striving to be an 18 handicap. But he sneaks in the list for this chip below and the fact he isn't George Dubya.


Bill Murray Golf.jpg

This one polarised the #GCW lads. On one hand there was him looking like a nob playing in various golf days (Yes, I know what we said!) but we had to compromise. The Ghostbusters, Caddyshack and Kingpin star just sneaks in for his love of the game and this picture above.


Roger Federer golf.jpg

Everyone loves Federer right? He is pals with Tiger and you can just imagine them using their Gilettes together chatting about how bloody good they are... that's until Tiger went and ruined it all!

With a handicap of 8.4 he's a fairly tidy player too, although if you have ever watched him on a court you'd expect that wouldn't you!


Gerard Butler golf.jpg

Leonidas plays golf and judging by the above you'd probably give him three-footers! Butler actually proclaims to be pretty average and gets beaten by his Mum but also has managed to get Jennifer Aniston out on the course so that is good enough for us...


Samuel L Jackson golf.jpg

The Pulp Fiction star plays off 5 and recently called out Donald Trump for cheating at golf. He wears some absolutely rascal gear on the course but has a golf clause written into his movie contracts which means he must be able to play at least three times a week, which is epic.

If it wasn't for Snakes on a Plane he'd be higher up this list!


Jessica Alba golf.jpg

Firstly, she is absolutely smoking... secondly she is absolutely smoking. Apart from that she plays off 22 and can drive it 200 yards apparently. 

Thirdly she is absolutely... (OK, we'll stop that now!)


Marcus Mumford golf.jpg

The Mumford & Sons frontman avoids the limelight and we can't even find out whether he has a handicap but this story we heard of the whole band turning up to Malden Golf Club without fanfare is good enough for us.

Marcus wrote: “If you like golf, and you’re in SW London, try to play here. Such lovely people without any of the exclusive, elitist bullshit that comes with playing golf. Robert, in the pro shop, is a particularly lovely fella.”

A spokesman for Malden Golf Club said: “They obviously must have visited us without making a fuss because they didn’t have any publicity when they came here.

Good lads!


Kelly Slater golf.jpg

The superstar surfer plays 150 rounds per year which is probably why he is off a very impressive 2. If you are a surfer you get a headstart on any cool list anyway, especially if you are an 11-time world champion too.


Alex Turner golf.jpg

Another one that might polarise opinion but if the frontman of one of the coolest rock bands on the planet doesn't mind a game of golf then there is hope for our beautiful game yet.

This bunker shot looks a decent effort but a quick Google search finds some not quite so good attempts. That being said the style with the fag gets him right up the list.

PS Smoking is bad kids.


Jack Nicholson golf.jpg

This guy is just class. The film legend is 78, took the game up at 52 and bangs thousands of balls from an astroturf plate in his garden into a canyon in the Hollywood Hills. He turns down playing the Pebble Beach Pro-Am because he says he is 'too expensive for TV' and also says if he gambles in golf he only collects, he doesn't pay!

Possibly the best thing of all is he says he is happy if he can shoot in the 80s and not hold anyone up... our kind of guy!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.