Caitlyn Jenner golf.jpg

We've done the coolest so this was the logical next step, there are even some who aren't members at wentworth!

#10 - Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber golf.jpg

Bieber is possibly the most popular musical artist in the world right now and he enjoys a game of golf. Rumour has it he is pretty crap though as was in evidence when he was caught on camera taking five mulligans last year. Tomake matters worse he is friends with Bubba Watson.

The only reason he isn't higher up the list is the fact he has released a couple of bangers recently.

#9 - Ant & Dec

Ant & Dec golf.jpg

Feel a bit guilty on this one as they are probably nice blokes but you can't argue they are the cheesiest pair ever. They are both 20+ handicaps despite playing for a fair few years. Think one is 21 and the other 24 but don't know which one is which.

#8 - Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle.jpg

The chat show host that profits from other people's misery is appropriately a member at Wentworth. He plays off 14 although maybe we should run a lie detector test on that one... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Nob.

#7 - Anton Du Beke

Anton Du Beke.jpg

Could you think of anything worse than turning up to your monthly medal and your playing partner comes dancing over and it is Anton Du Beke? The Wentworth member is a monotonous fixture in the tedious UK celebrity golf circuit and plays off 7.

#6 - Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner golf.jpg

Good luck to her, Caitlyn is now comfortable in her own body after all these years and we are delighted for her. She also doesn't get to take Bruce's impressive 5.3 handicap, which is a weird gap in the USGA rules.

Man or woman she is still an attention seeking, cringeworthy bore as noticed when the Mrs gets the remote after the football is finished!

#5 - DJ Spoony

DJ Spooney golf.jpg

Spoony finished as a Radio 1 DJ 10 years ago but is still a member of the celebrity golf circuit when others of his generation have fallen by the wayside. 

Great mates with Poulter and Casey and the boys from the late-90s, can you imagine the shit them lot got up to?!

Don't care? Nah, us neither.

#4 - Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth.jpg

The archetypal golf club wanker. He is reckoned to be 108 years old and still can be found at his beloved Wentworth, where he lives, dribbling into a bowl of cornflakes.


#3 - Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan.jpg

Piers is a fan of #GCW which makes this one difficult. He is either the biggest internet troll on the planet or an absolute dick... we're not sure which it is and we reckon he's the same.

These trousers and the lowest score at Kevin Pietersen's golf day get him in the list. Although he does confuse us!


#2 - Chris Evans

Chris Evans.jpg

Another one clinging on to the 90s Evans managed to get barred from playing in the Dunhill for giving a handicap higher than he actually was. He wanted to play off 15 when in fact he was a 13 apparently.

That aside he gets in for just being a bit of a penis.


#1 - Donald Trump

Donald Trump.jpg

Trump was always going to top this list. According to Samuel L Jackson he has his caddy drop mysteriously find balls that have gone in the water, he basically booted people out of their homes to build an exclusive golf course in Scotland and thinks golf should be aspirational as opposed to inclusive.

Couple that, with his arrogant and racist beliefs, and then just look at him... no wonder he tops this list!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.