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We're sick of people thinking golf is all stupid trousers, Colin Montgomerie and fat bank managers.

Golf looks good!

Elise Lobb

The 21-year old American is of the Paige Spiranac mould. Hot, blonde, takes a load of selfies and has a golf swing better than yours! A surefire way to get 50,000 Instagram followers.

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Paige Spiranac

Not to be outdone though Paige is still the undisputed Queen of the golf/selfie Instagram game boasting 600,000 followers!

After a poor showing in her maiden professional event expect a lot more videos like this as she works on her game.

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Lucy Robson

If you thought it was just Americans you are wrong. Well Lucy does live in America (hence the sunshine in her photos) where she goes to college but she's actually from Surrey. Bring her back we say!

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Kelly Tidy

Well this one is from the UK and lives here... Bolton to be exact! Kelly is a friend of #GCW and can be found at up and down the country beating allcomers on their Par-3 'Beat the Pro' challenge.

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The Ralph

Absolute spanking Ralph here that can be found at Trendy Golf. A nice fit and proper stylish... just need it to be warmer than -3 now so we can get it on down the course!

Oh and the model is a worldy too... if you're into that kind of thing?

Lacoste polo

Not sure the hipster beards are going to be 2016 but you literally cannot go wrong with a simple Lacoste polo... timeless!

Even Miguel and his gut makes them look good! Although he could wear a binbag and we'd still love him!

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And finally...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Rickie, you are a good lad but this just isn't right!

Yes he is a good role model and kids look up to him but let's not them going around looking like nobs, they'll get bullied!

There is a place for Hi-Tops, there may even be a place for those tracksuit style trousers but not together and certainly not with a belt, tucked in Puma polo and a hat.

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.