The week started with Shane Lowry posting about the only highlight of the Eurasia Cup with Poulter doing this incredible celebration after a win against the Scandinavians Kristoffer Broberg and Soren Kjeldsen.

No words really needed for this one!

The #GCW followers were full of praise for Sky Sports commentator Mark Roe when the Abu Dhabi Championships started...

Tommy Morrissey is an absolute legend. He has featured on #GCW before, largely due to the fact he is four-years old, has one arm and hits the ball better than 99% of us.

Kid is an absolute inspiration!

The 'This is Bill' meme has been doing the rounds on social media so we felt it our duty to get involved and it was only ever going to be Dustin!

After plenty of discussions on whether we might get sued we finally ended up with this version!

Literally never seen this happen and some nobhead hasn't piped up with this line!

The greatest major winner of all time Jack Nicklaus turned 76 this week so we threw back to this legendary moment... absolute boss!

Meanwhile the only other human in the G.O.A.T. debate paid his respects and we're pretty confident Jack could still piss his age!

We realised from this poll that we don't have many female followers (or they don't have children!)

Trick shots have got to be innovative these days to get any attention... fair play to this one!

This is our personal favourite. You can imagine so many guys being in the same situation and some of the lines are gold. Love the candles and cushions remark!

We even got in touch with the author and got him to write another rant for us. You can see it here.

It's not just us that is 'bloody hilarious' (Kirsty Gallagher 2015) on social media. Scour around and you can find some gems. Like here when Ryder Cup hero and professional golfer Jamie Donaldson decided to go one on one with a chainsaw. 

You'd never have guessed it looking at the picture below, right?!

And finally...

The top players must get so bored of doing dull media that is almost inevitable they drop in some obvious statements. Rory was on it here.

Unfortunately you have to hole putts too!

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