Heaven is a Place on Earth

It could be levelled at #GCW that we thrive on simple videos of people hitting shitty golf shots or making jokes at Dustin Johnson's expense.

Well yes, that is 96% of our repertoire but we do have a more artistic, creative and surreal side.

I say we... someone sent this in to us...  still funny though!

If heaven is a place on earth, I’m pretty sure I’ve found it.

A mix of the two modern wonders of this world; a mausoleum of design, combined with a breeding ground where repetition equals results.

A melancholy of failure, drowned out by the ecstasy of accuracy.

In one half, figures represent darkest desires, digits signifying ones standing in the food chain.

Power is king, and technique the stable boy in the corner. Money means nothing, and the currency in play is brute strength.

In the other, stands a museum of our craft. The sleek stainless steel slicing across the ivory shelves, a monument to those who have stood before.

Man’s existence on earth catalogued in perfect order, each fixture labelled to maintain history.

Crowds flock to this nirvana on a pilgrimage, each attempting to trump the other’s devotion with ever expensive symbolism.

The crosses they bare merely the tools of their trade, yet they hang across them like a thunder cloud waiting to rupture.

Endless rows of mere mortals line up to highlight their devotion. Standing in front of master preachers they embarrass themselves, shamelessly disgracing the saints that have represented before them.

Those hardened Sunday schoolers take their place, and implement the calvinist approach to their work. The right way. The only way. Repeatedly.

And yet this church is packed to the rafters. There’s no escape, and no desire for one. For this is heaven.

This is utopia, a man made wonderland with no distractions. Ecstasy achieved. Paradise found.

My driving range has an American Golf.

Peter Joyce

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.