TaylorMade M2 Driver - 'More Releases than Justin Bieber'

Who? – TaylorMade Golf

Where? – Earth

What? – The M1's brother

Why? – You thought it would be good to spend another £329 on a driver 

How? –More Distance, More Forgiveness. Where does it end?

I quote from my piece just over a month ago 'We look forward to TaylorMade releasing their latest range at the end of month', and here we are at the end of January, unveiling their latest clubs.

Many of you will still be throwing away the wrapping paper from Christmas, after your family chipped in (golf pun) to get you the M1, only for something different to come along, that might even be more suitable?

The M2, more widely known for the stretch of road connecting Strood to Rochester in the South East, preaches different distance capabilities to its predecessor. By lowering the centre of gravity to the sole of the club, it allows for improved weight distribution and forgiveness for hackers like us. 

They’ve put a lot of emphasis on the forgiveness with a load of science that basically translates to aiding ball speed protection on shots struck away from the centre of the face. Brilliant! 

Aesthetically, the designers clearly got steaming on a Thursday night, came into work hungover andsaid 'Shall we just copy and paste this lads?'.

The vote was clearly unanimous and that was that for the day.

After tweaking the design ever so slightly, it still looks good. The white and black carbon finish does give it a premium feel, and for 329 queens, I should hope so! 

If you want to change the club specs you can. The 12 position loft sleeve provides up to four degrees of loft adjustments. Surprisingly, no face adjustments for the duck hookers and slicers out there.

There are however 35 custom shaft options to choose from, a real bonus!

TaylorMade, I feel, are becoming a bit like the Apple of the golf industry. They release similar products but the majority of us are foolish enough to fall  into the trap of the marketing!

The M2 is the R5 to the R7, the Burner to the R9 so we should be used to the familiar patterns TaylorMade stand by. 

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the M1. It was consistent, achieved some outstanding distances and looks awesome but are we now saying I'd be better of with this?

Pricing - £329 

Options – 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees. Available in both Mickelson and Right hand options. 

Loan Applications: In by Feb 18th as this is released the next day, conveniently on a Friday so you have the whole weekend to spank it about!

Words: George Egford

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.