TaylorMade M2 Irons - Wanna Show Off to Your Mates?

Longer than Callaway and Ping?

Who? – TaylorMade Golf

Why? – Game Improvement irons to... err... improve your game. More flight and more distance.

How? – More baffling science including speed pockets, fluted hosel and a new 3D badge!


To compliment the release of the M2 woods, a new set of irons have also been showcased to tempt you away from competitors.

TaylorMade state these irons prioritise both distance and trajectory, something many of us need, by pushing the boundaries of innovation to create a blend of distance, peak trajectory, sound and feel.

They come in very strong lofts compared to traditional irons but TaylorMade are saying you don't sacrifice height.

But importantly what does Jason Day thing? See below...



Unlike my old set of Howson irons, these look they pack a lot of muscle, and they do. With a fluted hosel to aid the centre of gravity further to the back, the M2 irons claim to be five yards longer than the Callaway XR irons while maintaining a higher peak trajectory.

Punchy stuff from TaylorMade, but an extra five yards is the least of my worries personally! 

Apart from the tech, which honestly bores me to death sometimes, they look pretty smart and have followed suit with a few brands this year with a gunmetal finish. It’s slightly more subtle, which is bearable, but it’s not for everyone.

That aside, for beginners that want something to look good in the bag, these cut the mustard.

#GCW advice – Great if you want to hit 7-iron when all the others are hitting six to look hard. Not too great if you need eight wedges to make up for the strong lofts... Depends where your priorites lie!

Release Date – 19th Feb (Decent Valentines present?)

George Egford

*If you do want my Howson irons, I’ll dig them out of the shed. I do good price!

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