Who? – Titleist

How? – Establishing a new performance standard in the three key areas of wedge play

What? – More spin than the spin doctors

Why? – You need more feels 

The Child Thief

The Vokey wedges have been around for as long as I can remember and have always been a favourite in many of the tour player’s bags.

I found a Vokey wedge once on the 17th green and instead of handing it in, I took it. I took it knowing that it had a good reputation and that they’ve been at the forefront in wedge technology.

Did it make me play any better? No it probably didn’t but then again, nor did my Benross “attack wedge” either.

Also I probably deserved it for being a child thief!


So what’s different?

Firstly they look slightly different than previous editions. The classy Titleist logo with Bob Vokey's initials gives them a timeless appearance, and this hasn’t changed since Bob released these all those years ago. (Imagine if he called them Bob wedges!)

In my opinion though they look amazing. The three colour options of Cilla Black, Michael Kors rose gold, and Satin give them a sex appeal like no other.

Well done Bob you sexy man.

Spieth and old Bob Vokey let you know wagwan.

'Yeh they look the same but are they any better?' 

Yes. Vokey wedges are renowned for giving ultimate feel and precision round the greens and that’s why so many pros opt for them. 

Softer than a baby's bum off the club face, enabling the better golfer to adapt to the shot they need to take. The centre of gravity is located right behind the sweet spot, which promotes exceptional distance control and versatility. 

With players like Jordan Spieth, Adam Scott, Ian Poulter (when he shows up once every two years) and other big names, there’s no wonder why these are so liked.

I can’t help but think that these will help me stop fatting the ball when I’m just off the green, or blade the ball 30 yards past the green from a near perfect lie.

I might be wrong but I can dream!

Available - March 11th

Options – (So many options. They spoil you…)

- 46,48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 degree options

- 3 choices of colour

- 5 choices of 'grind'

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