What do you get when you mix a female golfing Instagram sensation with the internet?

Basically a load of guys trying to chat her up in 140 characters or less... Here are some of our favourites!

This would be fine until the wink, the wink makes it weird.

Firstly... WOW. Secondly... how short is Mosab?

Yes Ben, be different to the crowds! Don't know your intentions but benefit of the doubt!

The non-line line. And people say people tweet too much?

Ken has no respect for etiquette. Topless profile pic, straight up comment.

No words needed!

This one is actually pretty funny to be fair!

Pauly is looking to revolutionise the game. A female probably not the best person to pitch his ideas too though lol

Errr... what?!

Oh Ken!!! You've ruined your previous groundwork!

One opening line tactic is ask something obvious... success rates vary!

Anyone who has proposed to a girl knows you have to be subtle about this question with your loved one to not rouse suspicion.

Not sure Mr Cameron cares or given previous comments is even talking about fingers.

Chris is inferring he is said man. Fair play.

Ahhh... the Josef Fritzl approach. Is it still frowned upon?

Our old pal Mosab is back!

And last but not least Jason is skipping straight to it. Good luck to him!

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