Wentworth Members Upset - We Don't Care

Wentworth are forcing members out but do we really care?

The poor, unfortunate members of Wentworth are revolting against the new Chinese company's plans to pump up its membership prices.

Chinese firm Reignwood plan to charge £16,000 a year rather than the current £8,000 as well as a cheeky new £100,000 joining fee.

So a few of the Wentworth chaps have gotten together and written a strongly worded letter to them!

It states: “The proposed membership structure will fundamentally change the nature and character of the club and the Wentworth estate and is unacceptable.

“The club will, if the proposed membership structure is implemented, become the preserve of a small number of extremely high net worth individuals and lose its role at the heart of the vibrant community of the Wentworth estate.”

How ironic!!!

It has been the preserve of high net worth individuals for years anyway so not much is changing there and if you’ve ever spent time in the clubhouse there you’ll know that the character of the club is a load of tosspots going about with wads of £50 notes trying to look flash.

I mean who does that? Just use chip and pin like everyone else!

Brixton is a vibrant community, Little Italy in New York is a vibrant community, the Wentworth Estate is a load of massive gated houses where the tosspots from the clubhouse live (and Bruce Forsyth)... it’s just a weird community.

Do they mean vibrant because of the lights?!

Do they mean vibrant because of the lights?!

I hope this Chinese lot stick the price up to £5billion and Mark Zuckerberg, the Queen and Roman Abramovich make up the whole Monthly Medal… may aswell go the full hog.

And as good as the BMW PGA is, the European Tour wouldn’t be doing the game any good basing themselves at Wentworth if this all goes ahead, there’s plenty of quality courses that could host such an event.

But not everyone is upset at the proposals. One current member we spoke to said: “If that’s what happens it’s brilliant. I’ll be playing in three hours now!”

So to the people who wrote the letter it’s not all bad and frankly us normal people couldn’t give a shit that you might have to face the indignity of joining Sunningdale!

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