Tiger is human, just like the rest of us...

Tiger is human, just like the rest of us...

You couldn't call it a comeback...

I should be settling in for my usual Friday night. 

Tucked up on the sofa and ready for an evening in front of the box and maybe a takeaway. If there is some decent golf I might be able to tempt the Mrs into letting me watch it or more likely she drops off after being plied with more rioja than she needed after a long day at work.

All part of my masterplan.

So at the start of this week I was already planning it. Rioja at the ready, excuses made to the wreckhead minority in the football team who think they can play just as well on a Saturday getting in at 5am... and all because HE was back.


My hero, the reason I took up the game as a kid, one of the greatest sportsmen of all time.

But then he pulled out.

It was like giving a deadbeat Dad one more chance to prove he isn’t a fuck up but he didn’t show up and went to the pub instead.

But do you know what?

This time it just didn’t hurt as much…  because we’ve come to expect it.

I'm Tiger Woods...

That might all seem a little bit dramatic, and it definitely is, but as a young teenager first seeing Tiger it was dramatic.

The fist pumps, the red Nike shirt, the black dude who was an athlete and the incredible golfer basically battering everyone he was up against. 

To a whole generation it inspired them to take up the game and Nike famously ran the campaign with all the little kids saying it... ‘I’m Tiger Woods’.

Whilst young teenage girls had Take That and Westlife, boys had footballers, and some of us had Tiger.

But given the benefit of hindsight that was as good as it would ever get wasn’t it?

As you grew older you wanted to see more from your heroes or people you admired. Some charisma or personality? 

Sure the incredible golf was still there but when it wasn’t what did Tiger have?

We grow a little older and he is caught out essentially banging a load of prostitutes behind his wife’s back. As an adolescent you might think that’s cool but when you’re over a certain age, even the laddiest of lads will admit that’s really just a bit sad.

And fast forward on to the present. 

Tiger is a shadow of his former self. He’s a balding middle-aged man who has not aged well at all, no wonder with all the stress he’s been through!

Having grown up with Tiger you are of a certain age and over time you have picked up the cynicism and realism to predict what is going to happen and not to be let down by things too much anymore.

Only human...

I mean who could really say they were surprised at the latest withdrawal?

And to be honest when you look back at his life, when you look past the red shirts and the fist pumps… it does all add up...

He was an only child raised by a Vietnam veteran and lieutenant colonel and was mentally trained at the age of three to become a golfing robot. 

From here he was groomed and lived his younger years with huge dedication whilst being thrust into being one of the world’s biggest stars with huge riches, pressure and responsibility aswell as temptation from all corners.

It’s no surprise he fucks up his body and his personal life when you look back at it like this.

But for the man you worry about what’s really going on with his ‘vulnerable game’ and whether or not hitting the odd bad chip is reason enough to let down 28,000 tickets because you said you were playing?

Could it be that he is just mentally not all there?

This is completely unsubstantiated but you wouldn’t be surprised if he was suffering from something more than just a knee injury or bad back, but in fact something far less apparent to the outside world and hawking media, namely mental illness or God forbid depression.

It boils back down to where we started. 

When we were 13, Tiger Woods was a superhero, a superhuman and was seemingly invincible.

But now we know…

Eldrick ‘Tiger’ Woods is human like all of us, he has been given the same body, the same mind and is susceptible to all the life’s issues, problems and speed bumps that we all encounter.

And in that way I guess we can all say ‘I’m Tiger Woods’

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.