Cobra are releasing one-length irons like Bryson DeChambeau's!

Cobra are releasing one-length irons like Bryson DeChambeau's!

Who? – Cobra

What? – King F7 One Irons

Why? – Bryson needed some clubs to play with under Cobra...

How? – Now you have 7 x 7 iron length clubs to choose from, just with different lofts

Well it was only a matter of time before the imminent arrival of the single length irons Bryson was using prior to joining Cobra.

It seems that financially it could be a good move for them, as taking on Bryson has allowed them to work closely together to produce the F7 One’s, something that no other major brand has tapped into yet. I suppose that’s one potential way of making some money back from signing him! 

So how do they work?

As you’ve guessed by now, the irons are the same length as a standard 7 iron, so 37.25 inches for those who really care. However to make irons like these work, they have to each be weighted differently to produce the same results as a standard set.

The 4, 5 and 6 irons are heavier by 25, 16 and 7 grams whereas the 8, 9, PW and GW are lighter than a standard set, by 8, 16, 22, 26 and 32 grams respectively. Pretty impressive geometry. 

Many will argue that you have to have a single-plane swing to be able to hit these well, though many of us will argue about how to ever get a single-plane swing. You’ll be lucky if you find a single digit plane swing down at your local club.

Research that Cobra conducted, however, shows that players who tested these irons improved with accuracy which lead to increased confidence. Sounds like the honeymoon period to me. Why is it when you buy a new set and start nailing them for the first few months, does it suddenly stop after about 3 months?

That’s what these brands do. They get brand new people in every week to test something they’ve never hit before. Of course they’re going to flush them. No wonder there’s never a bad test coming out of these places!

Cobra have also introduced some new technology for the F7 series, of which the majority is embedded into the design of these.

TECFLO, which enhances the cavity construction to optimise performance characteristics, whatever that means. PWERSHELL face, which is a thinner face and sole structure to increase the sweet spot and finally, T.O.P which is a polymer medallion badge that allows the CG to be moved lower to create even more distance and forgiveness. Boring stuff! 

The One length irons are available for both right and left handers in both steel and graphite shafts (Fujikura Pro 63i) and come with Lamkin grips. The Pro version of these irons with Bryson plays on tour come with KBS Steel shafts and right handed only. No wonder he didn’t go with Callaway! 

Cobra have broken the mould with these. The fact that they were the most supportive brand about bringing these to market and working closely with Bryson to produce a set for him, was part of the reason why he went with Cobra.

The other reason was the huge amount of cash they paid him for signing on no doubt! 

Its different and golf needs different...

Let’s just hope these can be a bit more popular than those high tops that Rickie had the pleasure of showing us at some of the majors this year!

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