Winter Golf Hacks

Winter Golf Hacks

The Ryder Cup has finished and now it’s a golfing comedown. We had the Dunhill Links where they wheeled out Anton Du Beke and Ian Botham for the 98th time to butcher the Old Course before the weather sets in on the British shores.

But it doesn’t have to be all bad. We’ve come up with some modern 2016 and 2017 golfing life hacks that will make sure all those classic winter golf problems aren’t as bad as they could be!

Soggy Scorecard Hack

We’ve all been there. Trying to write with a pencil on a scorecard that look like paper mâché, it just doesn’t work.

In 2016 when everyone has a smart phone surely it makes sense to be using an app right? Imagine how much life would be easier for the poor old secretary if all the scores were just pumped straight onto the TV’s in the clubhouse? (Maybe I’m just dreaming here!)

Anyway Pin Seekerz is a quality app that lets you not just keep your score and stats simply but lets you double up and compete with golfers all around the globe to win prizes, all for just playing your round you would have anyway.

Without going mental it keeps all your stats and info and gives you GPS yardages if you’re that way inclined!

It’s endorsed and used by Masters champion Danny Willett (Not his brother), Dave Horsey and superstar cricketer and golf fanatic Joe Root, who you can compete against.

And the best thing? It’s totally free with no ads and nothing you don’t need which means it doesn’t rinse your battery. It’s a must download for any golfer!

(Disclaimer - Ben from Pinseekerz is a friend of ours and regularly appears on the #GCW podcast. But if you’ve ever listened you’ll know if his app was shit we’d tell him!)

Getting Wet Hack

Admittedly an umbrella is not the most revolutionary of rain hacks but hear us out...

You know when your hair gets so wet that you look like some slick Italian guy who is down on his luck whilst you taste a mixture of hair wax, sweat and rain. 

We’ve all been in that position after a fourth blob on the trot and even the most happy-go-lucky person in the world will look like life has defeated them.

Now add to that you either haven’t got an umbrella, it has blown inside out or you left it in the garage. Huddling under someone else’s never properly works and you look weird walking along cuddled up to some old guy in the monthly medal.

So why not fight back and say ‘Fuck you’ to the rain? This sounds a bit mental but in these low times we need a bit of cheering up. 

That’s why the Californian brand who make Bubba Watson’s gloves G-Fore have come up with these…

It’s a bit pricey for an umbrella but must be worth it for the bants and the fact that you won’t have to buy another one for a long time.

As my uncle once said to me spend money on a good pair of shoes, proper shirts and an umbrella as they’ll last you. 

(He has never said the umbrella bit)

But it does look cool as fuck and it’s better than something one with some financial or legal institution scrawled all over it. 


Unwanted Golf Clubs Hack

It’s weird. In the winter you don’t play very well. Your short and selective memory makes out that you were some kind of Ben Hogan reincarnation in August and now somehow and suddenly you have lost it. It’s nothing to do with your horrendous swing’s inability to cope with anything but benign conditions, so it must be your clubs.

So you change them, you tweak them and you buy new shit. If nothing else to give you a little boost after failing to break 30 points for the third time in a row. But this has led to you having a garage and shed full of old golf clubs right? Stuff you’ll never use again and the Mrs keeps bollocking you to get rid of.

eBay is a long thing and the geezer in your pro shop will give you about £8 for the latest driver so that’s why GolfTrader is the app for you.

It’s basically Instagram for specifically golf gear and on the super-slick app you can post to sell in seconds, and buy also. The feed lets you scroll through kit perving at stuff you could buy and is free to list items.

The guys behind it are young golfers themselves and top lads to boot. The kid who built the app invented emojis or something (That might be wrong I was a bit pissed at the time he told me) but either way if you download the app you’ll see how slick it is... 

Once again, a must have for any golfer with a smartphone!

The Head Indoors Hack

Let’s be realistic. Sometimes the weather is going to be so horrific you’re not going to want to play outdoors, and even if you want to the course will probably be shut or on temporary greens. 

How they even have the spuds to call them ‘greens’ is beyond me when basically the greenkeeper, who is livid he is out there anyway, has basically threw a spade in the ground for a hole and pissed off to the next.

But nowadays there are loads of places that are nice and warm where you can swing your clubs, have a bit of competition and the only thing making your hands cold will be the beer.

The likes of Urban Golf in London, TopGolf and The Green in Manchester are all top options and what’s not to love?

You can either go there on the lash, go there to practise by yourself or get fitted out for some new gear to make yourself feel better!

So the age old excuse of ‘Oh I haven’t swung a club since September’ is no longer valid anymore. Get yourself down to your local spot and slash it round Pebble Beach in a score you definitely wouldn’t slash it round Pebble Beach in.

And it’s a great way to get your non-playing mates involved too. The lure of beer, music and even some decent ladies on nights out is something you won’t get on the windswept sodden local municipal.

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.