Asking the Other Half Golf Questions : Comments Edition!

Asking the Other Half Golf Questions : Comments Edition!

I decided to ask my Mrs a load of random golf questions and the answers she came up with were gold. You can read the article here in a new tab before coming back to this.

Here we have the best comments from you guys. Speaks for itself... Enjoy!

Name three golfers, quickfire though...

Some class answers here so picked a few...

Darren Day (Me)

Shane Devlin (Mark Coughlan)

The little lad with the black hair (Marcus France)

Bubba Gump (James Pugh)

'The Sex Addict one' (Billy Bridger)

Andie McDowell (Murray Dron)

Dustin Hoffman (Gary McNeill)

Rory McEnroe/Millroy/McIntyre (Various)

Jack Nicholson (Matt Smith)

Poddington Podrington (Jonny Wallace)

Padraeg Harrington easily mistaken for the 90s children's cartoon about talking peas

Explain golf…

A big majority went down the 'ball in hole with stick' route.


How long does it take to play golf?

"All fuckin' day if I go off what you tell me " - Anton Davies

Anton after he plays golf


What do you think about golf clothes?

Some shit some good


Describe the stereotypical golfer…

MRS: An autistic trainspotter.

Editor Comment : WTF?!

Some golf clothes are good, some are shit... she is right!

What’s a 7-iron?

A What!? An Iron? *makes ironing gesture with hand* (Billy Bridger)


Can you name a golf make?

Galloway (Ben Waring)

Not sure Callaway will be pleased with the association to the cringey political cat impersonator


Why don’t you play golf?

I think I would, but you put me off talking about all the other people on the course, and the stress. I get stressed enough driving the car, let alone if someone is waiting for me and I can't hit a golf ball. I think I'd like it, although it takes ages as well. (Mark Coughlan)

Ed comment: On a serious note nearly all the responses were of females. Loads said time was a big factor stopping them playing and plenty also mentioned golf not being welcoming.


What would attract you to golf?

Loads of money was a popular answer. Either the ladies questioned need to be bribed to play or they think golf is very expensive... You decide!


How cool is golf out of 10?

Couldn't be bothered totting all of them up but reckon average was about 4.


And finally from (Mark Coughlan again!)

Him: Name 3 more golfers
Her: Rory McIlroy
Him: You said that already
Her: OK, the guy whose wife died. Err.... the other guy whose wife died. And the guy who died recently. Done.

Maybe one of the dead golfers was Old Tom Morris? Who knows?


Feel free to ask your other half if you haven't done it yet. These answers are gold!

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