Race to Dubai Final is boring... European Tour, please do something else!!!

Race to Dubai Final is boring... European Tour, please do something else!!!

Is it just me or have you lost complete interest in professional golf at the moment?

I like the European Tour and loads of the players but this part of the season for me as a fan isn’t much more than a lull, which is bizarre considering it is meant to be the climax.

The Race to Dubai is in South Africa at the moment in one of its final series of three events and there is more than a feeling of after the Lord Mayor’s show with the Ryder Cup and all the majors having gone previous.

At least the Fed-Ex Cup tends to attract the top players whereas in two events so far the defending champion Rory McIlroy is yet to be seen and many of the top players seem to have already peaked.

As a fan of the tour you just wish they’d try something different rather than just copying the PGA Tour. Three more 72-hole strokeplay events after God knows how many all year... zzzzz!

So to spice things up when we fancy curling up and watching golf rather than thinning shots and breaking our hands, here are three ideas for the tour…



You have a smaller field and time difference isn’t too bad with TV audiences in Europe. Chuck some floodlights up and do something a little bit different. Played it the other day and it was immense!

Bring in some music and a bit of an atmosphere and hey presto you have something that people want to watch, sponsors want to get involved with and Rory might bother to turn up to.


2 - F1 Style Points Scoring

Much like F1 constant four rounds events get boring and you’ll never match the majors. So why not have the Top 6 or 8 on each day getting points for where they finish?

Players go out in reverse order of their points on the next day and you could even give bonuses on the final day or for the most birdies and eagles.


3 - Stableford and Streaks

Why not try a cheeky little stableford? Perhaps reward birdies and eagles extra to encourage attacking play and maybe even a bonus for a streak kind of like bowling?

Just imagine if someone starts stringing a load of birdies together and charging through the field!


If the European Tour take any of these ideas without our consent you all read this right?! Let's hear your ideas for what can make this part of the season more interesting...

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.