Dream and Nightmare Golf Pairings

Dream and Nightmare Golf Pairings

It has been reported that the Zurich Classic, held in New Orleans in May, will become a two man team event.

Why is unknown, maybe it’s part of the PGA Tour’s efforts to break the monotony of four rounds of strokeplay every week.

The top 80 qualifiers will be asked to choose a partner with some PGA experience, although it’s likely that players in the Top 80 will form pairs between themselves should they choose to enter.

#GCW wants this to work, anything but 72 holes of strokeplay! So here is some dream, nightmare and funny pairings...

Dream Pairings

Beef & Lowry

For all of us who prefer the pub to the gym, can't be bothered to clean shave everyday and prefer burgers to granola these are our boys.

These boys are absolute men of the people and proper players too. We love them! 


Fred Couples & Miguel Angel Jimenez

Fairly confident neither of these has a tour card but we don't care. These are men's men and ladies' men. They are everything.

Whether they play well or poorly come the end of the round you'll see them in the clubhouse with their feet up enjoying a nice bottle of red.

Jordan, Smylie, Justin and Rickie

We want our superstars to lighten up a bit and on #SB2k16 they did. They got drunk and played golf topless blaring out rap music.

These four can throw balls up on the first and they have to play topless. Not because I'm into that (they have Dad bods) but just because.

NB - Rickie has announced he is playing with Jason Day. Definitely because they are both sponsored by Zurich. Our way was better!


DJ & Rory and Day & Scott

This would be the advert for golf. Long driving, ball striking, absolute golf porn. And in the Aussie's case some female eye candy too... (Scrap that... Male eye candy too!)

Would like to see DJ and Rory go out for a night on the jagerbombs and still tear it up the next day, just to show they're the most talented golfers on the planet. As us amateur golfers know, playing well with preparation is easy, after a boatload of booze it's a different matter.

NB - Jason is pairing up with Rickie as mentioned above. Probably a good thing for my Mrs as watching the Aussie pairing could well have turned me!

Disaster Pairings

Kevin Na & Keegan Bradley

Just saying their names together makes me shudder. They'd have to go out last everyday and even then they'd probably still be on the course the next morning.

Something about slow players just make me think they're assholes too. Maybe someone could confirm?

Tiger & Jason Dufner

The John Terry and Wayne Bridge pairing. Admittedly you could probably draw Tiger with pretty much anyone to achieve the same outcome of absolute awkwardness.

The weirdest thing about the whole situation is Dufner probably doesn't even care!

Monty & Roe

Imagine the scenario. There has been a pullout (probably Tiger) and they need another pairing. Monty and Roe are in the booth and have their clubs with them (they never travel without them)

These two fill in the last two spots and because the PGA Tour are trying to modernise they mic the pair up for red button coverage. 

But then the feed gets stuck, you can't change channel and the sound is stuck on 75.

It doesn't bear thinking about!

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