European Tour announces brand new 'Rolex Series'

European Tour announces brand new 'Rolex Series'

In what European Tour head Keith Pelley has called ‘One of the most significant advancements in the Tour’s 44 years’ the tour will launch the Rolex Series next year.

Scrapping the current final series being played at the moment, the equivalent to the Fed-Ex Cup playoffs, the Rolex Series will consist of seven events all with $7million prize funds.

The BMW at Wentworth will be followed by the Irish and Scottish Open before the Italian Open and then the three events that were in the old format in Turkey, South Africa and Dubai.

Rory will do what he wants anyway

As nice as it is for the players to be earning a few more quid it’s probably not the advancement fans would be crying out for, especially in a week when the PGA Tour has announced a tournament with a completely new format.

And whether or not it is enough to persuade the top players to change a schedule around the majors or in their off season also remains to be seen.

“We need a product that can grow and grow over time, that provides a strong financial offering for our young players so they don’t have to go to the United States,” said Pelley.

But competing with the PGA Tour purely on money may well be difficult, so why not compete with them on entertainment and pleasing the fans?!

Hurry up and get going on some more innovative formats like these we say. It doesn’t matter how good your watch is, time is ticking!

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