#GCW Reader Stories - Naked in Magaluf

#GCW Reader Stories - Naked in Magaluf

This is a story sent in by a #GCW reader who wishes to remain anonymous...

Mr X (If you know you know!)

Couple of years back we sorted a 'golf' trip to Magaluf of all places, ages range from 18 up to 65. A great mix of lads and a mix in the standards of golf too. Couple of scratch golfers and more than a few that could barely scratch their arses.

Trip starts as standard in the airport on the beers. 16 fellas drinking from 8am only to be told we're playing that afternoon at a Championship course. Seeing as I love my golf and wanted to enjoy it, I don't get as hammered as I would have liked and just get a bit more than tipsy.

Everything is going great, banter is good and beers are flowing. The usual looks of disgust from the posh bastards who think that were beneath them, you're flying Ryanair mate, so get over it and crack a smile!!

God's own airline

Anyway we land, and one bag with the clubs in is missing. We wait. More beers are drank.

It turns out that the tight arses didn't want to pay £50 each for their own bag so instead put four sets, (FOUR!!!!) in one bag and threw that on board. Obviously it's well over its weight and is kept in Manchester. Unlucky lads.

A few phone calls later and a charge of £150 and the clubs are sent, they'll be there the day we leave... again Unlucky lads.

So the lads are being ripped for being tight.

The comments, 'not arsed am only coming for a piss up' would have been OK but these four lads were all category one golfers and were fuming!!!

They tried to pass it off, no chance!!

Does anybody not hate these things?

Anyway we land at the hotel, right opposite BCM, perfect. (If you know, you know!)

The older fellas even got involved and were looking for when the foam parties were! Great stuff.

Rooms are sorted and I'm in with two of the older fellas, and I mean old as in they think there 25 but in reality they're 60, but funny as anyone you could meet.

We're told the bus will be here in 20 minutes, get dressed and meet downstairs sharpish.

Magaluf is an absolute shithole. But sometimes shitholes can be fun.

Now it gets more interesting....

Everyone bar a few are pissed.

Some really pissed, but 10 pints on the way is good going. I quickly throw on a fresh Nike rig-out that's just been bought for this trip.

My room mate on the other hand, we will call Joe, puts his bright white Dunlop socks on with his awful Dunlop shoes and his Nike visor, throws his Dunlop bag on and says 'Come on lad we're going to be late,' and that was that.

A 62-year old, bollock naked golfer walks down to reception with nothing but shoes, socks, glove and visor on.

This dude looks half the age of 'Joe' so well... image everything just a bit further south

We laughed till we were in tears, he thought nothing of it and carried on as if there was nothing going on.

Needless to say we turned up at this course and were asked to leave but after talking the guy in the shop around that it was a joke and meant no offence he got stung for an outfit and had a cracking afternoon.

Golf is for everyone I suppose.


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