You will see these at EVERY golf club next year!

You will see these at EVERY golf club next year!

Expect to be seeing these around your golf club from now on whether you like it or not!

Puma are bringing out a junior version of the TITANTOUR Ignite Hi-Top, or to most of us 'those ones that Rickie wears.'

So every kid mozzing about the putting green and generally being pests around the clubhouse is going to be rocking these.

But unlike the kids all whipping about in orange, this time they may actually look OK and not look like giant Calippos.

“The response to my hi-tops has been overwhelmingly positive," said Rickie Fowler who has evidently blocked off half of the internet.

The Hi-Tops fairly obviously split opinion but I'm not sure that many juniors will care, to be fair the fact that Kenneth the Club President isn't a fan will only make them more attractive to the orange squash quaffing, cheesy chip eating lot.

I still remember the brutal day when I wasn't allowed Puma King football boots anymore because I grew into adult sizes, the teasing over my Patrick boots still haunts me today. I still maintain it was tantamount to child abuse.

Anyway, I digress... (It will never leave me!)

The only trick Puma might have missed is they're out in February 2017, although some parents out there might be thankful for less bugging or £65 less on the Christmas list!


For the big kids out there you can check out the latest Puma shoes here

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