Every Playing Partner at Your Golf Club

Every Playing Partner at Your Golf Club

We all love and look forward to our weekend round of golf (or weekday, job dependent!), so we thought it would be good to pay some attention to those who we choose to spend our much valued time playing golf with...

The 'Sorry I’m late' Guy

Never on time, will be late for his own funeral. Queue scenes of entry to the club on two wheels at break neck speeds, followed by a comical run to the 1st tee with one shoe on and one off.

Most Likely to say……”You wouldn’t believe the Traffic”

The Instructor

Always has an answer to your errant shot, giving unwanted and unprompted advice on every aspect of your game.

Most Likely to say….”Your aiming out there” – “Your swinging too fast, slow it down” – “Keep your head down”

The Ball Whisperer

Will come out with every single quip and phrase ever heard on TV while talking down his, yours in fact anyone’s golf ball mid -flight.

Most Likely to say…..”Go” – “Get Down” – “Turn” – “Come on Wind”

The Angry Man

He will ultimately destroy everything in his path, clubs, bags, chunks of fairway while using bucket loads of expletives. The relaxing past time taken to the extreme, extreme anger at why he can’t hit a nice little draw time and time again, or consistently hole out from 4 feet.

Most Likely to say…”FFS!” – “What a F-ing waste of money”

The Borrower

Never fully prepared weather it’s a glove, pencil, marker, balls or even driver! Will often ask a different member of the group for something until he has everything he needs. Never gives them back at the end of the round.

Most Likely to say….”I owe you one…”

The Guy with the short attention span

Only can make it 8 holes before suggesting you call it quits after 9 and go in for a pint. If not then again after 12 and again after 15.

Most Likely to say…”Anyone seen the Snack Cart?”

The Excuse Maker

Has an excuse for everything from a shot out of bounds to a missed 2 foot putt, will blame equipment, course conditions, weather, sometimes even you!

Most likely to say…”I reckon that crow took my ball”

The Lucky One

Will get every fortunate bounce, ricochet and roll around the course, defining belief in finding a small short cut area in amongst an acre of heavy rough. Will hit the pin from 20 yards from a thinned bunker shot that should have ended up in the Captains charity lake.

Most likely to say…”You make your own luck in this game” – Members bounce that one”

The Slow One

Never ready for his shot, will find the must inappropriate time to tell another non funny story. The longest pre-shot routine in history, indecisive club changes, a gust of wind, or even a bug flying past means he must start all over again. Will line every putt up as if his life depends on it.

Most likely to say…”I think I’m rushing” or “Did I tell you the one about….”

The Rules Guru

Will recite the rules book at every opportunity and adhere to them as a bible even on a friendly knock about between friends. Will have a pocket rules book in the bag ready and armed for any irregular occurrences.

Most likely to say…”Page 67 Rule211-b states…….”

I've got a mate or someone at the golf club of every one of these! Have you? Tag them in the social to tell them!

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