The Trilby Tour on Sky Sports - Is this actually serious?!

The Trilby Tour on Sky Sports - Is this actually serious?!

I was flicking the channels the other night when I saw Sky Sports were showing golf so thought I’d have a look.

It was called 'The Trilby Tour.'

I’m sorry but WTF is this on my screen for? Can someone please explain to me?! Or is it just me?

You pay enough money for Sky Sports and their coverage on some of the bigger events has gotten better to be fair. The Open, Ryder Cup and British Masters were all steps in the right direction, even if there are still a load of gripes… but it is getting better.


As I write this I have been following the absolute drama of the European Tour’s Q-School where pros battled under the most intense pressure for six days, culminating today where it was one shot between many getting a shot at the bigtime or not.

It’s like the ultimate reality TV but in golf.

On the back nine today at one stage 11 players were on the bubble on the back nine knowing just one bogey might change their lives!

And yet not a shot was broadcast?

Instead I’m watching a bunch of middle-aged hackers shanking their way around some Marriott in Macclesfield or somewhere. 

And that’s not the worst thing. For some reason they are all wearing trilbys as if they are bootlegging booze in 1920s America or something.

It’s got the dull Rob Lee commentating and some guy called William Hunt, which I assume is rhyming slang, who thinks he is the absolute boy doing random bits to camera.

I have no words

I’m honestly in shock here. That Golf Juice programme they chucked out was terrible but Jesus Christ… this takes the biscuit.

It’s bad enough having to be present when I play myself hitting bad shots, why the hell would I want to see people even worse doing it on my television?

I’m really worried it’s just me or I’m not getting something here so could people please comment to make me feel a bit better about myself and to show me I’m not going mad thinking this is absolute bullshit…


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