Westwood livid he was pied for World Cup for this pair!

Westwood livid he was pied for World Cup for this pair!

Chris Wood has absolutely pied Lee Westwood for next week's World Cup of Golf in favour of his BFF Andy Sullivan.

Westwood had originally been picked by his mate Danny Willett to pair up with him in the England team but the Masters Champion has pulled out with a back problem (The golfer’s translation for can’t be arsed or I’m playing shit!)

Poor Lee had already booked his flights to Melbourne for the event and now finds out that he has been replaced by Sullivan, who is the popular Bristolian's good mate!

Anyway the quotes are golden so here they are with some literal translations as we all know top golfers don't say exactly what they mean!


“I haven’t spoken to Woody yet, but frustrated would be one word you could use to describe how I feel about it.”

(When I see that lanky *&$% I’m going to drop him!)


“It’s not great when it all happens at the last minute, especially as I’d geared all my end of season plans around playing in the World Cup. If I’d known earlier that I wasn’t going to be playing, I’d have played South Africa last week, and would also have tried to fit in one more after the World Cup. But that wasn’t practical given the rushed time frame.”

“I’m not pointing fingers, but you would have thought that when a guy has made detailed plans – and sorted out travel and everything else – he should still be in the team, even when someone else has to pull out.”

(It’s not fair! It’s not fair! It’s not fair!)

Oooooh frieeeeeeeeeeennnndddddsssssssss


“Danny nominated me back in early August, and it’s something I’ve been really looking forward to. It was a big deal for me because I’ve never played in the World Cup before – whenever the chance came up in the past I’d already committed to another event, so I made sure I cleared the decks this time.”

(I’ve never been that bothered about the World Cup before but now it’s the best thing I’ve got I’m going to make a fuss about it)


“But the rules state the top guy on the ranking list can take whoever he wants, so there’s nothing I can do about it.”


Chris Wood

“It’s a bit of an awkward position to find yourself into be honest – Danny made no bones about the fact he was picking his mate, and it probably looks like I’ve done the same thing.” -

(I was pissed off when Danny did it so I have done the same)

“But it goes a lot deeper than that. Once I told I was England’s No 1 representative at the World Cup, my first thought was who can I play with who will give us the best chance of winning it? And Sully ticked all the boxes.”

(Sulli likes a beer)

“We’ve known each other since we were playing county golf together as kids. We also played for England as amateurs together – and, of course, we made our Ryder Cup debuts at the same time earlier this year.”

(Sulli likes a beer)

“We get on great, and I think that will help a lot when you have to play two of the four rounds at the World Cup in foursomes.”

(Sulli likes a beer)

The World Cup Winners!

“And like I said, the bottom line is that we’re in it to win it. It’s a huge honour to represent your country in any World Cup, and bringing home that trophy would be a career highlight for anyone.”

“I can understand Lee’s frustration after being named in the team, only to be left high and dry when Danny pulled out. Maybe the rules need looking at in those circumstances. But I couldn’t let that affect my decision.

(It’s hilarious what has happened to Lee and just desserts. He wasn’t complaining when his mate had picked him! I might get Sulli to bell him and see if he can get a name change on that ticket he bought for banter!)


“Sully and I are a different generation to Lee. In a way this latest Ryder Cup possibly marked a changing of the guard, where guys like myself and Sully have to step up.

(Westwood is old as f*&k. Why would I want to play with him? Also me and Sulli are better players)


“I also had to consider the claims of Tyrrell Hatton and Matt Fitzpatrick, who have both played some great golf this year. But Sully was definitely the best fit, and we’re both itching to get out there.

(Sull likes a beer)

You looking forward to seeing Woody and Sulli or do you think Westwood was hard done by?

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