From a car crash to the European Tour

In February aspiring professional Jamie Rutherford was in Portugal hoping to have a good year on the Europro Tour, the third tier of European golf.

The 24-year old from Stevenage was hit by a car which broke four vertebrae in his back, shattered his foot and damaged his knee. Not only did he think he’d not play golf again for the year, he was lucky to be alive.

He was bed-bound for eight weeks and his golf understandably took a back seat.

But as he recovered nicely he thought he’d give First Stage of European Tour Qualifying school in October a pop ‘just to see how it’d go.’

Back in August on what is essentially the third tier of European Golf

And he was very pleased with T16. Little did he know!!!

He played nicely and got through.

Then he advanced through the second stage to make to to Girona where the final stage pitted him against 155 very good players for 25 cards.

25 cards that are a dream for any young pro.

You can probably guess what is going to happen now…

After five rounds he was looking good but a final round 75 left him at -5 which looked like agonisingly being one short of the qualifying mark for a card after 252 holes and all he'd been through!

But that was until his playing partner Niclas Johansson bogeyed the final hole to move the mark back to -5. A playing partner who must have been bought a fair few drinks in the last few days!

After being left absolutely dejected on the final hole he now had to watch as two of the other -5 players came up the last, with a birdie for either Gary King or Richard McEvoy meaning his card and dreams were gone again.

But in what has been the most amazing up and down year it was meant to be for the young lad. King’s birdie putt came up inches short and McEvoy parred meaning Jamie had his card after the most intense pressure in golf.

For many of us golf can feel like a car crash (too soon?!) but for Jamie it really was, before incredibly a few months later earning him a shot at the bigtime. Sometimes a little perspective and little luck can go a very long way!

Just you watch him get a hole in one now and win a car in his first tournament on tour!


Give Jamie a follow on Twitter here and wish him well for next season. No matter what happens it can't be as eventful as this one!

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