Stewart Cink opens with 62 in incredible circumstances

Stewart Cink opens with 62 in incredible circumstances

You probably know him as the dude with the shocking tan-line head or the guy who ruined Tom Watson winning The Open at Turnberry as a 59-year old...

But yesterday and perhaps uncoincidentally the 21-year professional shot 62, his lowest ever PGA Tour score, just days after his wife received good news in her breast cancer battle.

Lisa is fighting Stage 4 breast cancer after being diagnosed in May and was watching on at Sea Island in Georgia.

Cink said: “She just got switched over from, I guess you would call it the phase one, first line of treatment, first line of defense, into the maintenance phase Monday.

“That just means that she’s had like the best response possible. She had nine full rounds of chemo. She had very limited side effects, which I can only say that she’s just being looked after by someone bigger than us. So she’s responded well.

“She’s still got Stage 4 cancer. It’s like when the horses get out of their yard, it’s hard to get them back in, can’t get them back in. So she’s going to be on maintenance hopefully for a long time. That’s kind of the plan.

“I’m just really encouraged by the way she’s been able to fight and handle it. She’s definitely had a lot of ups and downs and she feels pretty well, and she got a good report Monday, real good. She’s really like an inspiration for me.”

Turnberry 2009 - Cink and Watson

Cink has taken a while out of the game understandably but is playing now with Lisa at his side.

“If I’m out on tour, she’s out. I’m not going anywhere without her. I don’t want to be away if something were to go south. 

“If you see me out here playing, then you can assume that that means that she’s doing fairly well, at least well enough to travel, because I’m not going anywhere without her. 

“I’m not going to say that in an ultimatum kind of way. There may be a tournament someday down the road that I play without her, but I’m not planning on going anywhere without her right now.”

We sometimes moan about golf and take it too seriously but when you hear a story like this it puts everything into perspective. There are some things more important than a 62!


The #GCW lads and ladies are right behind Stewart Cink this week, but more importantly get well soon to his wife Lisa!


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