Charley Hull wins Tour Championship

Charley Hull wins Tour Championship

Charley Hull should be a superstar.

She is 20, hits a golf ball brutally and absolutely gets a move on when on the course.

Yesterday she won her first LPGA event by two shots at the Tour Championship, which if you’ve watched her career comes as absolutely no surprise.

But more than all of these things she is extremely likeable. She has unique, but absolute class banter, including one of the best Twitter accounts in professional golf IMO.

Charley won by two shots at -19 to win a cheeky $500,000

But for some reason she is not a household name. Whether it is a lack of decent coverage of women’s golf or what, golf needs Charley Hull.

She can, will and does inspire a whole generation of girls, and probably boys, to play the game and can massively transcend the sport.

Watching the ladies golf was a nice change and the level is very very good. Charley apart there are a few who could #GetOnWithIt a little more, but still.

What is refreshing as they all actually seem alright. As we know women tend to be nicer people anyway and these girls were noticeably more animated and smiled more on the golf course.

They play hard and really competitively but afterwards they all hug each other which is a bit weird to see. Although I’d love to see it in the men’s game… Imagine Jason Day and Rory coming down the stretch, someone wins, then them and all the caddies have a lovely little hug!

19-year old Lydia Ko, who I secretly fancy because she is so nice, was beaten to the Player of the Year bonus and low scoring average trophy but took the time to go and congratulate the Thai girl who just beat her and all her family.

It was just nice to see and refreshing. The blokes might not be, but they can often come across as spoilt, robotic bellends.

Blame bad management maybe?

Something Charley can hopefully avoid and can continue to be herself. Just check these tweets to see what I mean!

Unlikely Justin Rose is every going to use this tagline...


Imagine Tiger tweeting this...

The female Jamie Vardy...

Makes a change from the guys moaning about airlines...

Na na niiiiiiiiiii...

And finally...

Definitely finally now #Salmon

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