Fitz wins in Dubai

Meatball Marinaras all round

This is after his British Masters win last year. Going to call his management now and do a 'What's In The Bag' feature. Subway obvs.

22-year old Matt Fitzpatrick won the Race to Dubai’s final event in… well… Dubai… obviously!

Tyrrell Hatton had looked in the box seat after fantastically holing out from the bunker on his 71st hole but his drive on 18 found that annoying little creek going through the middle of the fairway which led to a bogey six.

Fitz then pummeled a drive down 18 to which every commentator got aroused about before bleating that he is still growing and he has found 20 yards.

Yes, he looks young. We’ve heard the gag a million times. Please stop. He’s an adult.

Anyway, he then proceeded to block his long-iron approach almost into the stands before making a fantastic up and down for the win, his third, and as we said on social the Sheffield lad has a fantastic knack for winning when in contention, which is very nice for the bank balance.

Should keep the man in Meatball Marinaras at Subway for a while.

Tyrrell is not an arsehole

This headline is probably not how Tyrrell's management will pitch him but it's still true.

Despite Tyrrell Hatton fucking up the last what was great to see was his embrace and congratulations to Fitz directly after he walked off 18. Proper sportsmanship between two young Englishmen who you get the feeling are only getting started.

Saw the Jay-Z quote 'Game recognises game' talking about this embrace. They conveniently leave out the next line 'Hoes do too' though. 

To be fair to Hatton, 25, from Marlow, it probably is easier to be gracious when your second place bangs you yearly earnings to €3.2m for the year…. CASH MONEY!!!

We’ve always thought Tyrrell gets unfair stick, which isn’t helped by the mouthy commentators. He wears his heart on his sleeve out there and we like that!

Keeping it real

Didn't work out for Coels but a good season all in all. He'll be buzzing to go to the World Cup now making up the very popular Belgian team with his boy Thomas Pieters.

On a downer our boy Colsaerts was in the final group and was in with a sniff until duffing a chip and it rolling back in the water. Slightly embarrassing and at the time the chilled out dude probably wished he was twatting balls out of a hotel window at 3am again!

If we’re honest as we said before the end of season thing is a bit boring. 72-hole strokeplay and a small field with no cut means there are a lot of players going through the motions.

To use footballing terms a few of the players were already on the beach including Beef who chucked in a couple of 78’s finishing dead last. But he can look back on what has been an amazing year!

The big dogs

Stenson shows no signs of slowing down at 40!

And finally Stenson won the Race to Dubai/Order of Merit/Money List or whatever you want to call it, having only played 16 events.

He obviously thoroughly deserves it but when the Swede looks back on 2016 this achievement will be dwarfed by the Open Championship where not only his win, but the style of it was something very special.

The top top players only care about majors these days and that is something both tours will need to look at. Rory only played 14 times on the European Tour for his fifth place, and perhaps tellingly only once in the final series of events even with the order of merit up for grabs.

That shows his priorities.

That and coming up with excuses not to play golf. This year it was Zika and security concerns, will next year be fears of poisoning from hotel food or the idea that Harambe will come back to life and attack him on the 17th green?

Stay tuned to find out.

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