'Ask me anything...' with Steven Bowditch (Incredible!!!)

'Ask me anything...' with Steven Bowditch (Incredible!!!)

Steven Bowditch is an Aussie golfer. He has won twice on the PGA Tour but to say he has struggled recently is probably an understatement.

He has missed a boatload of cuts, has a scoring average of over 78 and has been called 'The worst golfer on the PGA Tour'

But more importantly than this he seemed to us like a top bloke. His self-deprecating Twitter account had us in stitches so we thought who better to have our first online 'Ask me anything...' with?!

We were after honesty, which is rare in pro golfers. What we got was absolutely incredible I'm sure you'll agree...


#GCW (Bold) -  WTF is going on?

Bowdo - I can sit here and make all the excuses in the world but they would be just that, an excuse to terrible golf to be honest.

After I had a good a year in 2015, where I got to 60-odd in the world, I wanted to get better again, I put in more time on the range and tried tweaking my clubs to maximize performance.

Complete dick move. 

Should have just stuck to my normal routine of playing lots of events and not a great deal of ball hitting. Once the first part of the year happened and I was still playing shit I practiced more and more and dug myself into a hole and my confidence was in the dunny.

Getting off the tee has been the number one problem, whether it's Driver, 3-wood or iron... been completely terrible and down right embarrassing.

People are always asking 'Why not quit and withdraw to stop embarrassing myself?' 

In 2006 my first year on tour I did that a lot. I said to myself that I would never ever quit again. I'm more embarrassed about a WD (Withdraw) then when I am off shooting 90 and trying.

To be honest I practiced trying to get better with the driver and lost sight of my best asset, my short game.

At this level you need to be great at one thing. Once you lose that you're done.

That's probably the biggest mistake and learning curve I take from the year. Be great at your biggest asset and slowly get better with your weaker points.


Respect. Do you think you're outlook and having a laugh at yourself helps get you through tougher times?

To be honest it's very much the Aussie way. Lots of banter whether you're killing it or sucking.

I've always been that way, the only difference is now I show it on social media rather then just with my mates.

If you can't laugh at yourself for your stuff ups who can you laugh at? I feel like I'm a pretty relaxed and happy person, even though when I look at myself occasionally on TV I see this angry, boring overweight person that never smiles... Haha.

I think 'Just smile you fat prick!'


My mate said you used to love the excesses in life shall we say. Let's just say you'd have made Jon Daly look like a choirboy. Firstly is that correct and secondly do you think that helps with perspective?

Haha. Let's just say like a lot of stupid young kids I had a few years that were blurry in my 'growing up stage of life'.

Growing up in Aus, as you are aware, it's a very social country and most people enjoy the drink.

I'm not any different.


(After I spoke to Bowdo I realised that he had suffered from depression. Firstly I felt like a complete dick for inferring he was a pisshead in his earlier years so I went back and apologised)

I see you have suffered from depression, which I'm sure makes hitting the odd crooked drive feel like nothing in comparison. How important is it that people talk about this illness?

Also I feel a bit of a c**t for asking you if you were a bit of a pisshead now... so I'm really sorry!

No worries mate, you weren't to know!

This is probably a contradictory answer but I did agree to 'Ask me anything!'

Yeah it has helped with my perspective on the course... to be honest after I did that article a few years I felt like it was a bad decision to let that be published, and still do, but on the other hand if it has been able to help some people that is great.

It's something I refuse to talk about now as it gets a little personal and I'm done talking about it. It's just the decision I made, I know it can be a little selfish to say but it's really my decision in the end.

Let's just say it's something that I've dealt with my whole life and continue to deal with. Now that I'm older I have better understanding of dealing with it...

A lot of people will say 'Ah stop being a girl, man up'... the truth is you're being a girl if you don't get help from professionals.

It's more common then people think. Once you understand it and learn about it's really not that big of a deal. But the flip side can be tragic.

That's an amazing, brave and very honest answer mate.

(We asked Bowdo if he didn't mind this going in and didn't want to pressure him. He said 'It might be a bit of a buzz kill, your call.' We thought it was an amazing answer so they you are!)

You get a few trolls on social media, how do you deal with them? Didn't you offer some kid a game for money?!

Haha. Yeah I get a few, normal really. Part of the deal if you're on social media or in a professional sport. Most of the time I try to flip them, respond and that normally gets them on board, when they realize I'm just like them... 'a person'. 

That kid had been at me months so finally I had to bait him enough and he took the line, typical keyboard warrior. Bailed out when it come to crunch time though.

I ended playing with three other fans. The thing that bugs me the most is they wouldn't say anything if they saw you sitting in a restaurant but they somehow think that the keyboard gives them muscles.


Yeh I know what you mean you prick, Hahahahha

(Bowdo went quiet here for like 10 minutes and I got that feeling you get when you say something you think is funny to a girl you are trying to get with and she goes quiet!)

That's comedy gold that, shame there's no response. Assume you've gone toilet or something.

Bowdo with a fan

Anyway, finally... What's the plans for next year? How long you exempt for etc?

(He returns and lo and behold was on the toilet!)

Hahaha. Matter of fact I am. 

Yeah I got this next year where I'm fully exempt so hopefully I will pull my finger out and start to play golf again properly and limit the amount of provisionals hit!

The Mrs and I are about to have our first child over Christmas time which we are very excited about.

Not sure where I will start back up but it will be on the west coast somewhere. Looking forward to turning the page and getting stuck into the new year!


You fucking ledg. We're all behind you. Nice one!

Cheers mate


What an absolute dude!

Follow Bowdo on Twitter here and look out for him on PGA Tour next year where whatever happens he is going to be smiling!

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