Why Little Billy from the European Tour is Awesome!

Rory McIlroy sat down last week before the tournament began and was absolutely grilled in an interview by a nine year old lad named Billy.

He showed some serous balls and even gave Rory a gift, some socks, to make sure he doesn’t get cold feet before his wedding like he did with Caroline Wozniacki.

God knows where he gets his confidence but he has quite a strut to him and is word perfect in his interviews... better than 99% of the golf journalists out there (Not that that is hard!)

These new videos with Billy, which have become a regular thing on the tour, are amazing. This doesn’t just appeal to golf fans, it transcends the game.

Everybody loves seeing a nine year old taking the piss and he's too cute to get angry with! Hopefully he doesn't go the traditional child star route and end up like Macaulay Culkin though!

(Although he was going out with Mila Kunis for a while wasn't he? Maybe just crack on Billy lad!)

Punching harder than Anthony Joshua here

Billy has now interviewed Graeme McDowell, Niall Horan, Beef and Rory. He is providing some great entertainment and it’s showing golfers aren’t as snobby as most thought, although Niall definitely isn’t a golfer.

These interviews can only be good for the game, showing that the golfers can have a laugh. And, it could possibly help some new people realize golf as a whole isn’t as ‘boring’ as they first thought.

Billy, always on the lookout for his next scoop, mentioned to Rory about getting Tiger in for an interview, asking him about chat up lines and that is certainly something I think everyone wants to see.

Let’s hope it happens!


Anyway, here is the full video if you haven't seen it. Enjoy!


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