Rory's letter to a kid reminds us off Arnie!

Rory's letter to a kid reminds us off Arnie!

Shadows of the King

In his later life Arnold Palmer's letters become as famous as anything else that was linked to the great man. He'd write to tour winners, PGA graduates, fans and plenty others linked to the game. 

That caring, gentle and generous side of him did as much for the game as any shot he hit. Plenty of those letters are framed and mounted in studies, offices and golf clubs all around the world. 

This letter from Rory will do the same for young Brady. He'll treasure this for the rest of his life. In the era that a retweet, selfie or twitter reply is seen as the ultimate recognition from your sporting idol this letter is the greatest of throwbacks. It goes to show how, even in the 21st century, the more personal touch still reigns supreme. 

Rory may only be 3 majors behind Arnie, but he's also catching him in plenty of other areas too. 

We're quick to jump on sports stars when they ignore fans or get caught on a bad day, but this time we'll take a minute just to say; Top work Rors! 


P.S You'd better write a pretty good letter for Billy or he'll come back for Round 2 with some even tougher questions!

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