Thursday rant - Golf Course Ranking Lists

Thursday rant - Golf Course Ranking Lists

Trump Turnberry shockingly came out on top of the new Golf Monthly Top 100 rankings list today.

I don't say shockingly in the sense that it's not a top course. Many will say it most definitely is.

But more in the sarcastic manner of how these lists are formed, who comes out on top of them and the state of the traditional golf media landscape. And in this particular case the individual who came out on top and the relationship they have with the magazines.

Politics totally aside, and opinions of Trump too, how these lists carry any credibility is staggering.

Paid post on Facebook tagging the President-elect.

To be fair it's not really the fault of the blokes who work at Golf Monthly. They're just doing their jobs.

When your magazine circulation is down, ad revenue is down and the bosses in the global publishing company are kicking off it would be tough for them. They have jobs to keep and families.

But in this case Trump will pay for advertising in their mag. He will pay for promoted posts on social media and some very plush treatment at the resorts.

It's just not a level playing field for golf clubs up and down the land. Not many clubs have the budget to advertise nationally or wine and dine some bellend golf journalist. (I can say that because I am one!)

And finally, this may be just me, but aren't golf courses entirely subjective? Everyone's opinion will be entirely different dependent on what kind of day they were having, who they played with or a million other reasons.

So surely rating golf courses has to be crowdsourced? We might just have to do something about that!


DISCLAIMER - I do personally think Donald Trump is a total c**t. I also acknowledge Golf Monthly are a kind of competitor to us (although our readers tend to be under 82) This has probably in some way shaped this rant!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.