The Australian Open blog - Hot women, sunshine and really old people!

The Australian Open blog - Hot women, sunshine and really old people!

NB - If you clicked this link solely because of a pic of Margot Robbie, shame on you. Actually not shame on you, respect. It is relevant though if you read on!

If any of you have watched golf in Australia, it's slightly weird.

A good weird, but there's a few things I noticed on my travels that highlighted the differences of watching it here in the UK.

We were lucky enough to be guests of Golf Australia at the Open, where the only non- Australian/Asian golfer was a yank, some bloke called Jordan Spieth.

But let me tell you, Australia didn't know what slow play was until now.

If any of you saw the Snapchat story (GCWSnap - Add us now!), you'll have an idea of why! I must have taken at least four attempts to get a good Snapchat swing, but couldn't as the video timer wasn't long enough for the Masters chunker.

Some might may say poor cameraman, I say #GetOnWithIt!

Spieth in his pre-shot routine zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Adam Scott was also in the field. I was devastated to know that he had finished by the time I got there meaning I had to chuck the bouquet of flowers away I'd bought for him.

Others included, Geoff Ogilvy, Aaron Baddeley and the old serial pisshead Robert Allenby who has a swing like a 20 handicapper.

So what was different from a tournament back home?

Chatty people

The guys we met were like the opposite of these two but still decent blokes!

Firstly the people. Aussies are great and will talk to you about anything. Some of it could be utter bollocks but at least they're making the effort unlike back home!

We met these dudes on the first tee that said they knew Peter Lonard, who was playing, and that they had been talking to him the night before at club dinner.

I didn't know whether to believe him or not but he had a Rolex on and bought us a drink. That wouldn't happen in the UK. We were dressed in a t-shirt and Primark shorts, they were in a suit and clasping a bottle of Moet, which lead us to believe they were rich boys.

The upper class wouldn't look you in the eye at home let alone buy you a Peroni!

The coffin dodgers

Bowls or golf. Literally what Aussies do when they are over 70.

Secondly, it felt like you were walking around a retirement centre that had been allowed out for a day at the golf. Admittedly we were there on a Friday, but I would have expected to see some aspiring, young golfers at a big tournament in Australia.

The Bogans

Fair play, the Bogans are pretty funny

If you've been to Australia you'll know who these are. They're the ones that turn up in a Rip Curl vest, some board shorts and a pair of flip flops. They're always keen to get steaming but I'll question whether they've ever played golf before. They stand out like a sore thumb in a very clear class difference. Good fun and certainly needed in the crowd, but likely to fight you after.

The women 

Margot Robbie was not there but I swear we saw her doppelganger!!!

Australian women are a thing of beauty. I fell in love a handful of times at the golf and countless times in Sydney. Even the slightly more mature ladies were fit.

It's probably one of the reasons why we were in the bar the majority of the time. It's worth going just to pretend you're watching the golf…

The weather

Shorts and t-shirt... what a treat!

I hate talking about it but I feel it's necessary here. It comes up in pretty much every British conversation and those who know me well know I hate talking about it.

It does however, make the golf 100% more enjoyable when you're walking around a picturesque course as opposed to a sodden Wentworth. It also makes you want to drink more and that's always a plus.

Anyway no more on the subject...


Beers in the clubhouse!

So would I recommend going to the golf in Australia? Yes, but don't expect it to be an atmosphere that'll blow you away. Do expect decent weather, decent women but terrible beer.

The golf never really differs wherever you go, I'm not really sure whether it beats a European Tour event but quite a few things do! 

So if you're over there, it's definitely worth the money for a day out!

I'm #GCW Equipment Editor. I like golf clubs and puns. I dislike three putting.