The Top 5 Golf Shots that make you Angry!

The Top 5 Golf Shots that make you Angry!

Golf can turn the most chilled out, yoga-doing, Dalai Lama like, calm person on the planet into a raging maniac.

The frustration as to answering the questions as to why you are not hitting all perfect golf shots like Rory McIlroy is both illogical but hilarious in hindsight.

But at the time it’s brutal. 

You’ll all have your own worst shots but these are mine...

#5 - The blocked approach

This is that one where you have split the fairway and have a beautiful lie on the perfectly mown grass. You have 100-150 left and this is why you play the game, to hit this shot, that sweet feeling of striking a crisp iron and seeing it sail towards the green.

But the blocked one is the ultimate buzz kill which sucks the life out of you. You strike it OK but as soon as you hit it you know. You know it is going in the greenside bunker and God knows what you’ll rack up from there.

You were thinking birdie, now you’re thinking about the beer in the clubhouse!

#4 - Thinned bunker shot

You see the pros holing out of the bunker all the time, it looks so easy!

Even if you could just pop it out to 30 feet away, at least the worst you are doing is bogey but hang on a minute…

You know to open the face and hit the sand behind the ball hard but you get a fair few grains sand less than you should and almost split the ball in half. It flies at Lewis Hamilton speed, nearly decapitating your mate holding the flag and ends up in a bush to the side of the green that shouldn’t be in play.. This is a scorecard wrecker!

#3 - Incessant slice

Some days just don’t go your way. You’re not finding fairways from the start of your round and the gentle baby fade has turned into a big slice or block.

You’re on the course so there is probably no fixing it and you are getting hugely bored of looking for balls or having to hit shots from deep rough or through trees.

The amateur trick is to aim further left and we all know that will go further right before the disbelief that the ball bananas sideways into the trees!

#2 - Leaving it in the jaws

It doesn’t matter what the putt is for but this one is from inside 20 feet. 

From this excuse getting the pace right shouldn’t be too difficult but the cardinal sin is leaving it in the jaws short.

Your playing partner will probably pipe up saying ‘Never up, never in’ or ‘You had the line aswell’ and you’ll want to wrap your putter round their neck.

#1 - The duffed chip/pitch

This is my worst by a long way.

It might be after you have finally banged a big drive and have 40 yards left or it could be the simplest chip imaginable.

You go to chip and you practice swings are clipping the grass beautifully before you hit the shot, decelerate and hit a foot behind the ball trickling it forward inches.

This nearly always follows full tilt where you completely lose you head and make a double bogey or worse.

You then HAVE to tell your playing partners where your drive was or how easy that shot was there. You’d be playing off +7 if you had a short game.

Let us know the shots that make you angry the most or maybe you have mate who hits some of these shots.

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I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.