Xmas Golf Gifts for Oligarchs, Royalty and Drug Lords

Xmas Golf Gifts for Oligarchs, Royalty and Drug Lords

Dear Santa... All I want for Christmas is that diamond encrusted solid gold putter with unicorn skin handle and limited edition headcover hand made by Cuban virgins...

Here at #GCW we don’t do things by half so we are unashamedly plugging some proper expensive gear, that you can stick on your list for Santa - while holding onto the smallest possible chance of getting some free gear in return.

From unaffordable golf wear to the just damn right outrageous, one of a kind nonsense that no one except a Columbian drug lord can afford, we take a look at what you could buy….

(NB - We do not in any way endorse the selling of drugs… of any sort… except the legal stuff…by that we mean stuff you can buy at Boots)

‘59’ 24k Gold Plated Golf Belt Buckle

59 Belts are based in the US and were the first company in the golf industry to CNC-mill belt buckles (Using computers) and the first to create true custom one-off belt buckles.

Hard Plated with two microns of 24k gold you too can boss the course like Kanye, apparently it is 'perfectly suitable on the first tee, in the office, or for that special event for which you want to look your absolute best.'

I’m not sure what your boss would say, let alone your golf pals.

Includes custom engraving on the back of the buckle and a special edition homemade belt bag. However, it does not include an alligator belt strap for that out and out Oil Magnate look that you may be trying to achieve.

Cost $559.00 www.59belts.com

Jaermann & Stübi Seve Ballesteros - SB1

You use a pencil to write your score down?! What utter nonsense...

Urs Jaermann took a dislike of keeping score, combined with his love of watches and the idea of Jaermann & Stubi was born. Everything being handcrafted and not mass produced make these watches some of the most sought after wrist additions to be found.

The SB1 can record strokes per hole, total score, holes played and handicap comparison. It also tells the time.

The biggest feature about this watch?

The one to nine irons as well as the pitching wedge and sand wedge used when Seve won the Chunichi Crowns Open in Japan, 1991 have been forged into 50 watch cases for the exclusive limited series.

£18,000 www.jaermann-stuebi.com

Louis Vuitton Golf Bag

Want to look like a complete nob? This is your bag then…

Complete with natural cowhide trim, it even comes with numerous inside pockets and can hold a full set of clubs… A full set?! Why didn’t you say!

Right where’s my cheque book…

$13,800 www.us.louisvuitton.com

John Lobb – Golf Shoes

Footjoys… Pfft for Peasants.

Made to measure in a wide range of extravagant materials, these shoes take six months from order to delivery. Apparently Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin shopped there.

The premises in the West End survived six separate run-ins with German bombs during the Blitz, and more surprisingly the depression and countless recessions.

£3,780.00 www.johnlobbltd.co.uk

Honma Beres IS-05 Irons

Fed up of the same old manufacturers churning out ordinary clubs and want to stand out in a crowd? Or maybe you have an empty Louis Vuitton Golf Bag that needs filling...

Honma, strangely use a mole as their logo while stating they are 'Fusing the ultimate beauty and perfect performance., whilst proudly boasting that each Honma club requires one hundred people’s hands to build – six months, to be exact.

The IS Irons are suitable for mid to high handicappers looking for a longer and more predictable ball flight, designed to reduce twisting at impact. 2-5 star options available.

Prices from £2,295 to £26,995 www.honma.co.uk

Gleefs GS98B Putter

Looking for that Gadafi/Saddam look this winter? Then look no further. Those crazy Koreans are targeting markets in China, the Middle East and Russia, where emperors ruled in the past however the culture still exists… so they say.

Weighing 520 Grams and decorated with 60 Diamonds and a mix of 18K gold and 14K white gold worth $40,000.

Do you want a headcover for that mate?

£120,000 www.gleefs.com

VIP Masters Golf Trip

I’m a Patron not a spectator!

Those guys at Golfbreaks have put this little beauty together, the only thing its missing is a night in the Crow’s Nest and a slot as Tigers Caddy for the Par 3 – Come on sort it out!

Business Class flights to South Carolina, followed by two nights at the Kiawah Island resort and golf on the USPGA Championship course, The Ocean.

A Chartered jet to Augusta, VIP hospitality tickets for Saturday and Sunday of The Masters, a private house with a chef, and business class flights home.

From £11,199 per person www.golfbreaks.com

Garia Monaco Golf Buggy

Motocaddys are sooo 2015...

Road legal, all you need to do is pop your Louis Vuitton bag complete with garish gold dragon putter on the back and of you go to the course.

Reaching a top speed of 25mph never again will you miss that tee time. Kitted out with all the essentials – scorecard holder, cup holders and Bi-Halogen headlights.

Pimp it up and turn up for the New Year Scramble in style.

£14,500 www.garia.com

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