The Most Annoying Moments on the Golf Course

The Most Annoying Moments on the Golf Course

Golf IS incredibly annoying at times. These have to be the most annoying of them all though...


Your ball is on the tee. You knock it off. Your playing partner says “one”. He chuckles. You mutter “prick”.

The putt that doesn’t break

You’ve lined it up, and for once, hit the putt perfectly. It’s on train tracks straight the middle, and then, then, it does what it can’t do. It goes straight on. It goes past the hole. Your world is consumed with hate, a hate that wont go away.

The plugged lie

Why does God hate you? Why does he put builders sand that is too deep just where you hit your approach? There are no reasons why, he just does

The Anti Vorderman

“How many there mate?”


“You sure?”

“Oh wait, maybe it was 5”

Repeat every other hole. Learn to count prick

People who stand over the ball for ages

“What’s he doing? Has he died?”

There is no hate that builds like the hate for a hacker who stands, dead still, over a ball for 30 seconds.  First hole you hope it will change, by the third you’re chuntering away, by the 5th your heads gone and you might as well walk in.

Dodgy markers

Hitting the perfect shot that airmails the green as 'the markers aren't in the right place'

Second time lucky

And the classic of hitting your first ball OB/in the shit then nailing your second

Anything more annoying?

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