Secret Club Pro - 'If you don't get custom fitting and lessons you're a dick'

Secret Club Pro - 'If you don't get custom fitting and lessons you're a dick'

For this piece I wanted to discuss golf coaching and tuition.

What makes me laugh about golfers is the general golf population don't or won't invest in any tuition and/or their equipment!

I just don't get it! This is not me plugging my occupation or that of any other colleagues or PGA pros but from me as a golfer.

I never had aspirations to turn pro as a kid but loved playing golf. I wanted to get better and had coaching. Not because I was forced into it, but because I wanted to improve.
This is meant to be fun. This is your leisure time you are meant to enjoy it!
Why week after week do you come off the course, walk past the teaching bay of most golf pro's or the shop and start telling us how shit you have been and then proceed to tell me about how you topped it off the first, shanked it on the second, five-putted on the third and how you have been getting tips off your mate Gary!

What's Gary's golf like? Oh he plays off 28 and you expect him to help you out!! Every week without fail I hear this!!!

Every week I say with a bit of coaching and direction I could get you playing some better golf! I won't turn you in to Rory, well not overnight, but at least you will come off the golf course with a smile on your face, enjoy your beer and go home and not have to kick the dog because you couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo.

Bad advice is common!

 Then we have a good link into custom fitting!

Let's be honest nobody buys off the shelf any more! For example it's very rare a suit fits off the hanger, the trouser length or arm length might need changing. Cars you would test drive one then normally a new one is ordered with what you want in it.  You see where I'm going?

So why spend X amount of money on something that might not work or isn't fit for you and could actually make the game harder?
Most pro's will fit you free of charge or if there is a fitting fee it's to make sure you turn up and then normally it's discounted off the clubs to purchase. Generally clubs do not cost more if they are custom fitted, the only negative is you may have to wait a few more days.

It's all about the fit guys...

I fitted a guy twice this year. Once for a new set of irons and then just recently for his driver. 
Iron wise he changed from TaylorMade CG irons and we got him into Titleist AP1's. During the fitting process we had him in a 7-iron in both steel and graphite shafts with the exact distance of each other.

BUT both were 15 yards longer than his current 7-iron and I know the manufacturers are strengthening their lofts etc etc but not only was he longer but his dispersion had improved as well.

We opted for the graphite shafts in his irons on the basis that he had his TaylorMade irons for eight years and being in his late 50's if he kept his new set for the same amount of time they would benefit him in the long run as he turned 60 and beyond.

Recently the same guy came back and we fitted for a driver. This time a Ping G10, fitting into a Titleist 917. The results in short were an average 27 yards longer carry and 34 yards longer total distance!

How? A mix of new technology in the head, the correct shaft with right flex, torque, weight, kick point and finally the right loft and weight settings!

All this for the same price as a driver picked up off the shelf... The moral of the story is get fit!

Get lessons otherwise your wallpaper will fall off...

So now you have the gear now for God's sake wouldn't you want to use them a bit better? 
We have got you hitting it further without even looking at technique and how much have you invested in your gear? For probably 5%-10% of the cost of your clubs you could invest in at least a couple of lessons that would generally help your golf even more.

Just to put it into perspective I needed some wallpapering done at home. I've never done it before so I got a pal round who was a decorator. Couple of demos, him overseeing me do it, Bob's your uncle and I wallpapered one of our walls.

Did I get my mate who's a teacher over and between us bodge it up? Nope, the Mrs had invested in wallpaper I didn't want to fuck it up and have to pay more for extra paper and the extra time for me putting up!
Go and see your local PGA Pro and see how we can help your game. If the 'Big Four' get coaching doesn't that say something?

I might be listening to you!