Thursday Rant - All the hot girls are playing crazy golf!

We went to Junkyard Golf just off Brick Lane in London the other day and it was fantastic.

It’s four crazy golf courses in a huge warehouse and it’s like a cross between a modern art installation and some kind of house party on Skins, but with five quid beer.

There’s music blaring out, cracking food and the most noticeable thing…  not only was it rammed, but it was rammed full of 21-30 year old girls.

And I thought young girls didn’t like golf.

I know what you’re going to say… Crazy Golf isn’t real golf.

But it is according to the European Tour... In their 2015 study they included it, along with computer games too (which seems even stranger!) in one of those ‘Ah look golf is alright now because we’ve cooked the books and now more people are playing!,’ kind of studies.

Another one of those studies was the England Golf County Report which just came out. (Honestly, not worth reading!) 

In that they mention about how they are attracting women to the game and have attempted to get on the #ThisGirlCan thing with #ThisGirlGolfs campaigns. But although they are having success with a few 50+ year old woman joining they aren’t even making a dent with the 18-30 year olds by the looks of it.

So much so they hide the stats, I had to ask an employee what was going on with it.

So what’s stopping young women taking up the game? We’ve done bits before and other studies have shown there are just too many barriers to entry for women. Many of the same ones that young guys encounter.

They feel unwelcome, stuffy atmosphere, boring, slow… we’ve heard them all before.

Then you look at somewhere like Junkyard and the place is thriving. It is almost the antithesis of the traditional, negative and old school golf.

The place is buzzing and notably for golf businesses all over the land, the cash registers would have been too! And these kind of places are popping up all over now.

I’m not saying redecorate your local clubhouse like a trendy crack den and blaze old school garage around the 8th green (yet!) but golf could learn a lot by seeing what young adults want to, and are, spending their money on.

Especially the ladies!


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