#GCW Most Popular Golfer - 35,000 votes, 23 polls, 1 winner!

It's BBC Sports Personality tonight but who really cares? After Rory McIlroy didn't win in 2014 where he won two majors, the Ryder Cup and everything else and got beat by some melt who drives a car it lost it's gloss for us golfers I'd imagine.

Add to that the overlooking of Pete Cowen for Coach of the Year after his players won two majors (Stenson and Willett) whilst others like Fitzpatrick, Wood and Pieters has big wins.


Anyway, we did our own sports personality or the #GCWMostPopularGolfer... yeh, we probably need to work on the name!

But either way it was simple. Who is your fave player? We chucked the top 16 in, before adding 16 selected popular players from below them. Eight groups of four before knockouts to decide the winner.

You just know the guys and their egos were sneakily watching it all unfold as over 35,000 votes were cast. Anyway here's what happened in what was possibly the most memorable nights in sporting history...

(8 groups of 4 - Top 2 qualified)


Group A

 Grace, Koepka, Day, Woods

Grace, Koepka, Day, Woods

There were always going to be two standouts in the opening group with the World Number One and the GOAT in the same group

Tiger took a massive win which was ominous for the tournament, whilst Day came second. The Aussie may benefit from hurrying the fuck up if he ever wants to close the gap on the GOAT.

Grace and Koepka were also-rans but came in a tough group. Both seem alright lads so just needing some more golf cup wins.

Ed verdict - Yeh, would have gone with the polls here. I might have even nipped Grace in front of Koepka, but no arguments for the top two.

Group B

Poulter, Mickelson, Rose, McIlroy

Another of the pre-tournament favourites in McIlroy was out here in a very well-known group.

Mickelson sneaks in to second pushing the Olympic Gold medalist and a Ryder Cup hero out the tournament, but more notably Rory absolutely cleaned up with 60% of the votes.

Ed verdict - Rory wins it for me yes. I'd be jumping about on the other three week to week if I'm honest. Can't work out whether Poulter is a hero or a prick, Rose seems nice but meh and Phil is a bit odd.


Group C

Colsaerts, Cabrera-Bello, Casey, Johnson

DJ comfortably came home in this group with Rafa sneaking ahead of Colsaerts. Paul Casey propped up the field.

Eds verdict - I love Colsaerts so I'd have put him through. May have even pushed Dustin out in favour of Rafa, mainly because he blocked us on Twitter.

Group D

Kaufman, Fitzpatrick, Garcia, Stenson

Four good ones but the big dog ball strikers who are more established came through against the young pups.

Wasn't so sure how popular Sergio was before this but that was put to bed!

Eds verdict - I'd have maybe popped Smylie through just for #SBK2K16, perhaps ahead of Sergio. Stenson would have won it though and Fitzpatrick seems alright too. 

Group E

Beef, Fowler, Spieth, Furyk

This was a big gun group where a big name was going to drop out. That man was Jordan Spieth as Beef and Fowler prevailed. Poor old Jim Furyk couldn't battle with the youngsters picking up just 3% of the votes (His family)

Eds verdict - I'd have Beef winning it but might nip Spieth in second? Very close with Rickie though.

Group F

Aphibarnrat, Wood, Willett, Matsuyama

Bit of a random group this one. Willett won it even with a bit of abuse whilst the form man Matsuyama got the other qualifying spot.

Meanwhile Chris Wood and his mates noticed it all too late because he was out on the piss...

Eds verdict - I'd have had Wood winning this group. He's a top lad. Might sneak Willett in second when he's not being angry or bigtime.

Group G

Watson, Lowry, Scott, Pieters

Proper close group this one. Ryder Cup star Pieters sneaked it from Scott with the popular Shane Lowry pushed into third. Bubba, a two-time Masters champion came in fourth.

Eds verdict - Aaaaah, I'd have struggled here. Love Pieters, Lowry and Scott. I'd have maybe popped Lowry in front of Scott just because... aaaahhh... I dunno. Bubba definitely last though, so annoying!

Group H

 Sullivan, Westwood, Noren, Reed

Sullivan, Westwood, Noren, Reed

Wasn't sure on this group beforehand, thought a couple of them may split opinion and wasn't sure if Sulli was a big enough name. He was though and came through first with his compatriot Westwood nicking second spot.

Eds verdict - I'd have had Reed right up there with Sulli, he's funny. Also Westwood seems a bit miserable, I'd have Noren ahead of him I reckon.

Last 16 Matches

This was a mismatch. Well basically anyone against the GOAT was going to be.

Did not think Adam Scott would get absolutely pumped. People love Rory!

Dustin absolutely smashing Matsuyama. People loving the big bomber.

Two popular guys and less of a walk for the Open Champ but fairly comfortable.

This one was so tight. Sergio the ball striker took the super-popular Beef all the way but not quite. One less bitchy outburst and the Spaniard might have won it!

Given the UK audience was telling they voted against one of their own. Either Rafa is very well liked or something else...

This was definitely closer than I thought, more Phil fans out there than expected. His short game is mint tbf but Pieters was slick as fuck in the Ryder Cup!

Extremely close maybe aided by Sulli popping a little tweet out looking for support which was hilariously simple and well-timed. How many other guys were watching on?!

Q-Finals (Not much dead wood around now!)

World number one? Swatted away like a fly!

WOW. Was expecting the two Ryder Cup partners to have a close match but Rory stormed it. Could he get his hands on the trophy?!

Dustin won this but it wasn't without Rafa trying his hardest.

Before trying to get his mate Sergio to help...

Putting in a final push...

Before trying to change the rules...

And a semi-shock as the popular Beef went out. Just shows how much people love the Ice Man!


Wasn't sure what was going to happen here but Tiger just about managed the W.

And Rory absolutely pumped Dustin. Surely he wins it?


Incredible scenes as the GOAT wins by a hair! Probably pretty well timed for Tiger just after his comeback but big up Rory for even pushing him that close.

Maybe next year?

You happy with the results?

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