Why on earth do we have these rules in golf?

Why on earth do we have these rules in golf?

I realised the other day I have no idea what the full rules of golf are. Mainly because our social fourball don't mess about with them too much and on a hungover Sunday nobody wants to be looking for balls and watching someone walk back to a tee.

So what are the worst rules? Here's a few... I'm sure you guys have some more! 

Lost balls and OB

This one is the worst IMO. For a lost ball you have to search around in the woods or knee high rough looking for your giant slice. You get five minutes and the chance of you actually finding it are normally pretty slim, meaning the people behind get pissed off, you get pissed off and then if you play to the rules after the five minutes you have to walk all the way back to hit three off the tee.

Meanwhile your mate on the other side of the fairway has hit a giant hook into the drink and he's just chilling waiting to knock his wedge on the green for three, might even rat a par!

Same for OB. You could literally do an air shot and be in better shape.

Our fourball... "Mate, you ain't finding that shit. Just drop it where you think it went in and play 3."


Another odd rule that you have to play in order. On the tee there is barely any difference. You could argue maybe on a Par 3 you could work out the club better if you went last, so why does the person who just made treble get that advantage?!

On the fairway waiting for who is further away seems pointless too unless you are getting in the way. In Matchplay it is part of the game so fair enough but otherwise just #GetOnWithIt within reason.

It all seems to do is lead to confusion and slow the game down.

Our fourball... "Crack on when you're ready mate."


You get drops from all over the place but if you stripe a drive down the middle and end up in the same spot as someone else you have to play out of the crater they've created... how is that fair?!

Surely just moving the ball an inch doesn't gain you a massive advantage?

Our fourball... (We actually play out of divots. May suggest changing that now!)


What is the point of dropping the ball with your hand out? Then when I drop the ball if it moves nearer the hole twice then I can place it?

Just do that in the first place and don't worry about it.

Also getting your longest club out to measure two club lengths with two tees in the ground. Nearly always a waste of time. Unless you really need the distance just place the ball?

Our fourball... "Just drop it somewhere near mate."

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