Dear Deidre... I get aroused watching Tiger Woods

Dear Deidre... I get aroused watching Tiger Woods

Dear Deidre,

Tiger shot 65 today, which was sweet, but why do I feel weirdly aroused?

When my football team wins I don’t feel like this. This is different.

And judging by social media I’m not the only one.

As a heterosexual young male I’m fairly confident I don’t fancy Tiger... 40-year old blokes don’t really do it for me.

Is there a psychologist out there who can help explain?

Is it because we were all young adolescents when Tiger was tearing it up? Before we were interested in girls we only had eyes for the Big Cat?

Is it weird that I’m currently ignoring my Mrs to check out Tiger’s second round GIR stats? I don’t do this with Rory.

Has Tiger got some kind of sexual charisma that infuses through our televisions?

I definitely don’t want to have sex with the Tiger Woods but I do get a little tingle when he lashes a drive with a pro tracer and if then followed with a club twirl there is potential for wardrobe change.

I don’t think I’m gay. 

But I do think I’m in love with a guy I’ve never met who hits a golf ball about for a living.

It feels kind of nice and I'm happy, I just can't explain it!

Kind Regards
Ryan (And everyone else I think!)


Gonna tag the actual agony aunt @DearDeidre in the tweet so for this so feel free to ask her for help too

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