The Thursday Rant (On a Friday) - 'Anger ruining your round!'

The Thursday Rant (On a Friday) - 'Anger ruining your round!'

I don’t get angry at all, in all walks of life and in any other sport I tend to remain pretty chilled and just try to have a laugh about things.

But golf!!!

On the golf course something happens to me. I could be having the best of times with my mates at an awesome venue or course.

I could be playing a casual round. 

And it is very unlikely it would be a competitive round.

But still, I duff one chip shot and I feel like I want to break all my clubs. And that feeling stays with me for a few holes, obviously affecting those holes too and normally any semblance of a decent score.

I feel like Pablo Escobar after someone has tried to stitch him up on a drug deal.

Nearly had a seizure going down this hole. Newquay Golf Club in Cornwall is an absolute treat though... definitely recommend it!

I know if I concentrate and take my time making sure I get a clean contact I won’t duff it but it comes out of nowhere… and to use a poker term I go on tilt.

For you it might be a snap hook, a three putt or thinning one from a bunker, but I think all of us have this button on the golf course.

If I go around the course utterly carefree I won’t concentrate on my shots and it will have a bad effect that way.

Bunker shots are easier because you can just whack it

Honestly I can’t get through writing this article without thinking about duffing two chips in a row like I did yesterday. It was a fun game, I beat my mate by like 15 shots but still I just think about that and it makes me want to put my fist through the laptop.

Why does golf do this to us when nothing else might?

Do you have mates who would be good if they didn’t get angry or would you?

I’m off to practice my chipping in a Buddhist temple.

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