The Ball That Could Change the Game of Golf!!!

The Ball That Could Change the Game of Golf!!!

There’s a good chance you haven’t heard about this over here. These balls aren’t out in the UK yet but by all accounts they could be a game changer!

Loads of us play Pro-V’s without thinking right? Grabbing them from the pro shop for £12 a pop before carving them all over the place on the course.

Well over in the US the 'Kirkland Signature' is absolutely flying off the shelves of Costco which is kind of like a warehouse place that sells all sorts of shit. So much so that they keep selling out both online and in stores!

But for $15 a dozen their ball not only compares to, but beats the performance of Pro-V1 according to the rigid tests of the very independent guys at MyGolfSpy. So independent they don't take advertising dollars.

Most of the stats were almost identical apart from with the driver where it appeared to go a full 10 yards further.

And when you think about it there is no surprise here.

All the brands will chuck money at media and golf pros to endorse their products which means there is a massive barrier to entry for anyone else, but also means they can get away with charging pretty much what they want.

It also means you don't even hear about any other brands. Over in the US it's the non-golf media like CBS and USA Today who have taken on the story whereas the golf media are a little more quiet, just like the ones over here.

But when a massive player like Costco turning over $120billion a year decides to stomp into the market they can.

The Kirkland Signature is not out in the UK yet but Costco does have an arm over here so as soon as we know so will you. 

When you can get four times as many balls for the price of the sleeve it could well be a game changer!


You can get the full MyGolfSpy test results and report here and can follow them on Twitter here

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