2017 YouTube Channel - WE WANT YOU!

2017 YouTube Channel - WE WANT YOU!

No Thursday Rant today as it's Christmas... a time to be chilled!

Anyway, 2016 has been a great year in golf. From Rory and Reed giving each other shit at the Ryder Cup to Stenson and Phil going silly at The Open and Spieth making us all feel a little bit better about ourselves at Augusta.

But 2017 is going to be even better. There isn't just a 'Big Three' anymore, there is a crop of world class players vying for the honours.

And the game of golf looks to be modernising too. The European Tour are planning all sorts from walk on music to fireworks and shot clocks... Even Sky Sports are bucking their ideas up!

The European Tour Hero Challenge at The Grove whet our appetite a little!

As for #GCW we are buzzing for 2017. There is some stuff that we are super-excited about but can't talk about, but something we can that's massive for us will be YouTube.

In an era when people are just bored of watching the crap on TV it's all about video online... We've been signed with an agent/management team (believe it or not!!!) and all they go on about is YouTube so we thought we better crack on!

We've chucked a couple of things out but nothing major, we want to nail it. Meaning regular content that is cool, slick and entertaining and funny too!

There are other golf YouTubers out there, the likes of Mark Crossfield/Coach Lockey, Rick Shiels, Me and My Golf, Pete Finch and Seb on Golf, who are all good at their own things... but we'll be doing something quite different.

Some golf YouTubers being... well... golf YouTubers

And most of all we want you to be involved!

We want to come out to your golf clubs to film, we want you to be involved in the content, we even want you to help create the content and come up with ideas for the it!

We've got some amazing ideas already we are going to be pushing with in 2017 but wanted to give you guys a chance to add your input.

So... if you were creating your dream golf channel, what would you have on it?! (Nothing is too big or stupid!) 

So give us a shout on social media or drop us a message on the form below with any ideas you might have!

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