Hot Girls From Instagram Invited to Golf Tournament

Hot Girls From Instagram Invited to Golf Tournament

Charley Hull won a massive event two weeks ago on the LPGA Tour for her first win and it wasn’t unexpected. 

The 20-year English girl should be a superstar. She is young, prodigiously talented and an absolute character. She could inspire a whole generation of both girls and boys.

But it was woefully under-covered in the media, as ladies golf often is.

Ladies golf knows this and the tours try their best to promote the game and their girls but sometimes you have to question them and their motives. 

This week on the Ladies European Tour in Dubai there are sponsor invites for Paige Spiranac, Chelsea Pezzola and Blair O’Neal in one of their biggest events.

Let’s call it what it is, they have essentially built up a following by flopping their tits out on Instagram. If that is too much then let’s say provocative pictures and videos aimed at men.

I just Googled ‘Chelsea Pezzola’ and this Sun article came up. That should tell you most of what you need to know. Fucking rag.

Can't wake up #coffee

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Who is watching the Ryder Cup?! By far my favorite golf event🇺🇸🇺🇸 #rydercup #usa #golf

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💄Sneak peek of last wkend photo shoot! 📸#nofilter #bts

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Anyway good luck to them, you can't deny they’re attractive girls and what they do with their bodies is their call. Girl power and all that.

But how on earth the tour think this is a good idea to promote ladies golf and get girls interested is beyond me?

It stinks of some creepy Sheikh in Dubai or some management types at a sponsor getting out the cash so they can perv at them in the clubhouse after right?

Mohamed Juma Buamaim, Vice Chairman and CEO Golf of Dubai said: “It’s nice to see young, talented and media-savvy golfers bring new energy to the sport."

Let's have it right, whipping your baps out on Instagram is hardly showing the 'digital savviness' of Steve Jobs is it?!

And whilst every invite goes to one of these girls there is one whose game deserves the shot. Either more talented, more potential or a harder worker.

And you’re probably reading this as a red-blooded bloke thinking ‘Yeh. but they’re fit. Stop being such a feminist, vegan, vaping feminist type. They’re the worst.’

And I agree with you in a way. 

Girls are a massive growth opportunity for golf

But I have an 11-year old cousin. You probably have younger sisters, daughters or friends.

How the hell does it look to them when a game that already has a shocking reputation as sexist, dominated and presented by middle-age men picks girls to play based not on their level but on an Instagram following built taking scantily clad selfies?

How does that girl feel? Does she think her way to success is to please men by doing this? Or does she turn to something that will judge her on her talents?

I write this in a weird mindset. Growing up in a lad-football-drinking culture I’m meant to go ‘Fucking hell, look at the tits on that,' aren't I?

My fear in the back of my mind is 99% of our audience think or have thought like that. We've even mistakenly succumbed to it in the past. Hot girls get people to the site. 

But I mean come on, this is a golf tour promoting the game for females. It’s embarrassing IMO.

These girls are all probably really nice and maybe they’ll work hard and earn their spot and I hope they do.

For them this is an opportunity, but have they earnt it above another girl?

You might not give a shit. You might have clicked this article because of the hot girls on the story, but we can't kick off about slow play, snobbiness and all the other bullshit in golf without pointing this out too.

Ladies European Tour, get your act together!

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