Ever won anything terrible at a golf day? We have...

Ever won anything terrible at a golf day? We have...

The effort you put in to score in the Charity Golf Day finally pays off. Victory! However the struggle is not over, you have to paste a smile on your face, appreciate the smattering of applause and go and graciously accept the £2.99 bottle of bright pink rose and box of shitty golf balls when you were secretly hoping for a new driver. We have all been there. 

After winning at the weekend a member of my family proudly informed me they had won a tub of Peanuts (not just any peanuts, M&S peanuts…) and a bottle of Port. Exciting times.

This obviously sparked off a debate among the #GCW team, what is the best/worst prize you have won at golf? 

Oxo cubes...

“On a Society Golf Day nearest the pin was 'a Sunday dinner for two.' It was that but in a box bought from Aldi of the cheapest meat, tinned veg and an Oxo cube!”

Liam Round

12 year old novelty CD single...

“We won a massive golf day with the Barmy Army (The cricket fans) and I was thinking a holiday or a set of golf clubs or something. Won a Barmy Army sun hat and a CD single of some song recorded in 2003. That was this year!”

Ryan Curtis

A hell of a bad pitchmark repairer...

“Played in an outside comp ran by The Golf Guide and won nearest the pin and overall competition. Odyssey putter was decent but for nearest the pin I won a pitchmark repairer. A devil's pitchfork one with three prongs rather than two. Worth a whopping £5.”

Liam Round


“Here in Thailand they have big raffles to make everyone stay until the end. TV's and other big prizes. I won a toaster.”

Rob McEvoy

Ray Parlour...

“Ray Parlour (when he was at his peak as an Arsenal Player) attended a local society golf day. The hosts were Tottenham Hotspur fans and one of them worked within the club and had a bit of merchandise in his car.

"Ray did not actually win anything that day but that did not stop the hosts having any fun. After making up a prize (best score over three random holes), the host gleefully presented him with a Tottenham Hotspur diary and wallet.

"Ray proudly accepted his prize and posed for some photos. When he got back to the table he realised what it was and threw it back in their direction with a grin on his face. Legend."

Lara Pocock

Mars Bar...

“The most exciting I have got to is a Mars bars or pitch mark repairers unfortunately, kids are easily amused i guess!”

Sam Garcia - 16 year old

“I used to be buzzing with golf prizes when I was a junior. So much swag! Towels, balls, clothes etc. Mars bars!!! Bloody Brexit!”

The easily amused Ryan Curtis

The Yellow Donnays...

“I remember winning a 12-pack of Donnay balls, yellow ones as well…”

Matt Fleming

And Finally... Giving the Monty

“In a cruel twist to this I once gave Colin Montgomerie's autobiography as a prize for longest drive on a society day - as I had to delve into the box of balls I was going to give half way round - bad times....I 'found' the book on a bookshelf in bar after!”

 Sean Marrache

Have you ever won a shocking prize? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Waiting for some absolute classics!

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