'Ask me anything...' with the very honest Eddie Pepperell!

'Ask me anything...' with the very honest Eddie Pepperell!

After the great success (Borat voice) of our first 'Ask me anything...' we knew it had to be a regular feature but were worried nobody could match the honesty of the legend that is Bowdo.

(If you haven't read his one check it out here and come back)

We asked you guys and had a load of response. Admittedly many were Tiger, which would be a very short interview, but one named that cropped up was Eddie Pepperell.

Eddie is an uber-talented 25-year old English European Tour player on his way up but has already experienced the rollercoaster of professional golf.

After almost winning a playoff in Ireland he's experienced all the majors except The Masters too but this year he struggled and lost his card on the bubble before incredibly winning it straight back at the torturous Q-School right after...

#GCW (Italics) - You'd been heralded as the next big thing in English Golf. You're stood on the tee in Portugal knowing you have to hit a good shot to keep your tour card and you hit one 50 yards right into a bush? Can you explain?!

Eddie Pepperell - All I can say about that tee shot is at the top of the swing I feared hitting it left. And obviously right followed!

The irony about that round was that my putting was atrocious and I should never have been stood on that tee in that position, but the drive was emblematic of what 2016 had been like.

It was a low moment walking off that tee knowing a few dozen people were watching live on Sky Sports but to be honest, I'd had that feeling so often walking off tees this year that I just wanted to get in and call it a day in terms of my season.

Eddie's caddy had to walk extra this year so he did pins

So would you say it's a technical thing then or...??? Would you say choked is an overused term in golf and sport in general?

It's hard to say I choked because I'd hit that shot so many times during the year. Borne exactly out of the same fear of a bad shot. But it would be fair to say I hadn't it a drive that bad all day, so yeah I can't deny the situation obviously played it's part. 

Choking is a horrible term and I would say most people love to jump on people and call them a choker or a bottler. But ultimately, to get to the top of any sport, you can't be a bottler/choker by definition. It's a contradiction. But of course, there are times where sportsman clearly suffer under pressure. Usually because they recognise the enormity of the situation I'd say or just start fearing something bad happening.

Can be lonely out there

Talking of enormity of situation how big is Q School? Crazy right? (Eddie came through six rounds, SIX ROUNDS!!! shortly after losing his card to get it back again!)

Yeah totally different. To be honest I felt I did a great job of focusing just on my golf until probably the last few holes. I got a bit of bad luck in my final round on 15, it threw me off a bit, out of my rhythm and then my playing partners were also getting a little bit nervy.

Richie McEvoy looked to be shitting himself from the 1st tee! But to his credit, he hung in there like a warrior! But it was a really refreshing experience. To go from a Tour event where there's always next week to all of a sudden being put right on the spot, you learn a lot about yourself.

Yep. Bouncing back like that so quickly is pretty incredible. Have you read the Alan Partridge book 'Bouncing Back'? (Actually realised after that is the book he got pulped in the show and the one I read is 'I Partridge: We need to talk about Alan.' - Still well funny. Available here!)

Secondly. You're a fine writer yourself. It's rare for a professional sportsman to know words with over three syllables! What do you get from being so open? Is it like a release?

Haha I haven't read that book! Is it a serious book? Surely not?! 

I didn't start writing to be honest or really open about myself and my own experiences. I started because I had a lot going on in my mind and I just wanted to get it down somewhere. So I thought a blog was a good idea.

Nowadays however, I'm not afraid of what people will think of what I write and how honest I might be. I sort of think everyone generally has the same sort of experiences and thoughts anyway, so if I can write in a way that makes us all feel somewhat connected then I think that's a nice thing.

When I start writing, I do enjoy it. I find it creative and I like venturing deep into my mind whilst trying to keep it entertaining and relative. It's a nice challenge away from golf I guess.

Deep. You probably got that creative, philosophical side from Beef growing up right?! In all seriousness do you think that more of the guys could be a little more open and show off their personalities? And why do you think they don't?

Can you spot Beef and Eddie?

Ha! Words aren't Beef's forte but Hip Hop is. 

I think we need to remember that it takes two to tango. Good, interesting questions will result in good, insightful answers.

Yes there are some players who are terrible at expressing their thoughts in a way that the audience wants. But I do believe all the golfers out on Tour will have interesting things to say, if poked the right way!

Knowing a lot of the younger guys, I don't believe we are afraid of what the media might print or say. Not like the older golfers, particularly the older English golfers who have been burned in the past.

We've grown up in a very open, accessible world and so I don't think the prospect of exposing ourselves concern us too much. Therefore the potential for great material I believe is there, it just needs to be uncovered.

Eddie at The Open at St Andrews

Completely. Have definitely noticed that with a lot of the younger guys and guys like you show them they have little to fear, be yourself! Quite often showing a personality  (unless they're a bellend!) is going to benefit them anyway!

Could chat all day but am always conscious our generation's attentions spans mean they may already looking at cat memes.

Finally you seem to tweet or blog about your politics so searching for something controversial and in the interests of complete honesty and openness describe Donald Trump in a sentence...

Haha. In Donald Trump, I see Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin in Batman Returns)...

I remember the scene where The Penguin, sat in his caravan, torments Batman and says 'I played this stinking city, like a harp from hell'... This was after he became mayor of the city I think or some sort of public figure... very much like Trump.

Sorry if that isn't controversial enough! 

Trump and Batman dude

A niche Batman global politics metaphor to finish Eddie. You're certainly unique and we love it! Keep being you and chuck us a win this year please!

I'm on it!

Thanks to Eddie for being a star and being so honest and eloquent. Very refreshing, we're all right behind him!

Follow him on Twitter here where he'll post his blogs which are great.

Who should we get on next for 'Ask me anything...'???

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