Thursday Rant - Golf Club Releases and Mark Crossfield

Thursday Rant - Golf Club Releases and Mark Crossfield

In golf it’s silly season.

The time when all the club manufacturers start announcing they have released new clubs, normally led by their new driver that is ‘longer’ and ‘more forgiving’ than the one released about 6 weeks ago!

Making our expensive shiny new driver we’ve only hit three fairways with old hat, leaving struggling club pros with a load of now out of date stock and leaving everyone else… well… a bit confused/disillusioned/pissed off with it all.

And it’s difficult to find out exactly what is going on…

The traditional media is all bought and paid for so their job is to simply amplify press releases and anyone who is seen as a bit of a flight risk on the party line is increasingly kept away no matter the audience they have.

For example (****Prepares to blow trumpet****) we have a bigger social and digital UK audience than anybody in golf and yet our Equipment Editor George will have to chase press releases from some brands. Let alone being flown out to Florida for a big club release.

Tbh though for us that’s not a biggie. Listening to people talking tech on golf clubs makes me want to physically be sick so we’ll crack on with other stuff!

Mark Crossfield is a Golf YouTuber who reviews equipment...

But there are others who are mysteriously being kept at arm’s length.

Mark Crossfield is probably the biggest golf YouTuber in the world. We’ve playfully took the piss out of him before but his equipment reviews are genuinely pretty decent. He tends to be honest and knows his shit, and lots of people will consult his videos before making a purchase.

The keyword there being honest.

But if you follow him on Twitter you’ll notice he has mysteriously been been kept away from the latest TaylorMade release and didn’t even know about it, whilst every Tom, Dick and Harry has been flown to Florida. 

In a year where controlling media has been so huge in global events it doesn’t look good, even if it is just informing John from the golf club whether he should upgrade the big stick… Nah why play it down???!

John’s driver is bigger than Brexit and Trump combined!

But in all seriousness all the brands make good clubs and we want to see innovation but we also want them to be held to account to check they aren’t just changing the colour of the thing, rebranding it and chucking it on the shelves for £490 RRP.

That’s no different to a dodgy used car salesman and that’s why we need people like Mark Crossfield (Never thought I’d say that!!!)


Check out Mark Crossfield's take on his situation below and let us know what you think about the golf equipment thing on Facebook and Twitter

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