How Golfers Think Vs. Normal People

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As golfers we think differently to the rest of the human population.

Here are some situations where this is most apparent...

In 100 MPH winds


Normal person - Better stay in

Golfer - How far could I hit a ball with the wind behind?

When the Sat Nav says Turn left in 150 yards

Normal person - Keep an eye out on the left for this turning

Golfer - Turn left after a 7-iron

Whilst watching football

Normal person - God I’d love to be a millionaire footballer and have money, talent and girls

Golfer - God I’d love to hit some wedges off that grass

When stood waiting for a bus/train/fish and chips

Normal person - Stand still with headphones in

Golfer - Do a practise swing looking at hands and invisible club position on way back

When looking out of plane window

Normal person - Look how small the cars are

Golfer - Look at that golf course… and that one. Quite a few bunkers.

On Sunday morning

Normal person - Lie in and suffer hangover

Golfer - Battle hangover, get up at 7am to beat the crowds and struggle round a golf course

On Monday morning

Normal person - How much money did I spend this weekend?

Golfer - How many putts did I miss this weekend and what could I have shot?

When buying a car

Normal person - Is it big enough for the kids?

Golfer - Is it big enough to fit my golf clubs in?

When buying a house

Normal person - What are the local schools like?

Golfer - What are the local golf courses like?

What we look forward to in winter

Normal person - The clocks going forward

Golfer - The Masters

And when we know winter is over

Normal person - Attempting a BBQ after work

Golfer - Smugly taking the waterproofs out of the golf bag before a game

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.